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Ancient Tantric Ritual.

In these side by side Yogic circles, we will be meeting in various countries periodically, to work ritualistically within the Left-Hand line of Tantric practices.

Practices of Chaya-Karana (shadow practice), body Mudra… both dynamic and static, inner Mudras of healing focus, along with Mantra and invocations of the various animal sounds of Tantra, play a major part in these interactive practices..



20-21-22 May


3 Evenings of Ritual

Time: 19:00 – untimed.




MAA Kali is the cosmic womb.

As the grand Shakti of the cosmic mother that she is, Maa Kali is both the formless and the form 

She is the birther of all forms, as well as the one who inhabits all forms.

Endless be her forms.

She is the essence, middle beginning and end.

This 3 night intensive ritual will be an Mantra, Mudra, Asan of worshiping and working with Maa Kali in her 3 primary forms.

The underworld of Patala is the place of Tamas. This is the dense, heavy land of the root. Vama Kali is she who steps on Shiv with her left foot. Her practices work with trance, chaos and the forces of destruction.

When Maa Kali steps on Shiv with her right foot, she is the active force of Dakshina. This is the path of focusing and restricting. In the same way for a fire to burn, the flame must be concentrated.

The root of the flame is the fuel in the underground of the Patala realm, the tip of the flame goes up to the realm of Svarga.

Svarga is the ultra terrestrial realm.

The earth realm is known Yogicly as Bhumi. The form of Maa Kali at this level is Bhadrapad Kali.
Here she crouches on Shiv with both feet ground in earthly reality of Bhumi.
Bhadra Kali is the balance of Satva. Satva is often defined as pure, but it is the balance, harmony and equilibrium that exists in the middle point between The underground and the subtle sphere.

We could say that Patala is the root, Svarga is the fruit and Bhumi is the nourishment, shade, shelter and multi-use of branches that a tree offers to us.

Bhadra Kali is the union of beauty and fear.
Tamas is the realm of fear and Svarga is the realm beauty, but these two realms are the beauty and the beast that create a union based on the balance of both destructive and creative and attractive and repulsive force.

We will ritually take this time to worship and work with the triplicity of Maa Kali.


Birth, life & death, or action, balance and stasis, are different ways to describe the Trika.The balance of the Triguna forces on all levels of mind, body & soul is what opens us up to to the beauty of the triple Shakti of Maa Kali.


Please apply in writing if you are joining for the first time.
These ritual practices are suitable for both new and long time adherents to Yogic practices. Any questions are welcomed.

You are encouraged to bring your own blanket, but there will be blankets provided.
Rooms and camping are available, please inquire.



Tibi Spain.

30 min from Alicante Airport.

Pick up possible.

Situated deep in the heart of a natural wooded area, camping places in warm weather, or caravans available to rent.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Devi means Goddess,
Every expression of Woman is Devi.
Through honouring the feminine,
the Tantric meets the Goddess.
She may have been abused, burned
And exploited, but the Goddess
endures eternity out of Love.
She waits with Love till our heart softens