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Tantric Rituals.

In these side by side Yogic circles, We will be meeting in various countries periodically, to work ritualistically within the Left-Hand line of Tantric practices.

Practices of Chaya-Karana (shadow practice), body Mudra… both dynamic and static, inner Mudras of healing focus, along with Mantra and invocations of the various animal sounds of Tantra, play a major part in these interactive practices.




22-23-24 JULY



Dear Lovers of the Tantric arts,

You are welcomed to this ritual of working within the circle of left-hand Tantra.
This will be the first live Yogic ritual of recent years.
Taking place in West Germany in the magical city of Cologne. A city most gothic, where the Rhine river Northward floweth.

Tantra has become a part of our modern vocabulary these days, and has come mean all manner of things, including massage and sexual practices. Time May change things, but things can’t change the Timeless teachings of Tantra.
Tantra is a Timeless tradition within the bounds of time.
The old line of Vamamarg (Left-Hand) Tantra, within which we will be working, involves both solitary practices and group ritual.
In this weekend, we will work as a group within the Yogic circle of Tantra,
In a concentrated group activity, we will take 3 evenings for working ritualistically with the forces of time.

Ketu, Saturn and Rahu are the wing, beak and backbone of Tantra.
They are the past present and future… The 3 great alchemical healers and resolving forces of illusion and Karma.
These 3 Graha’s (planetary forces) are all connected to the Crow.
We will work with various Crow sounds and practices in this interactive ritual.


The magical & mysterious creature
of twilight vision that flies between worlds…
be the Crow.


In these 3 nights, by way of Yogic ritual Invocation, we will take a night to work with each of the 3 astrological forces of Ketu, Saturn and Rahu,
The Yogic practices we will be doing, are not widely available, and come directly from the line of Left-Hand Tantra… that is the way of heart… the way of revealing, feeling and healing.

The lunar nodes of Rahu & Ketu are the emissaries of the occult, they be forces of both illusion and transformation.

The illusions that reside within us, have the potential to teach us of the mysteries of awareness.

The Tantric does not strive to reject, deny or destroy anything, but is rather an alchemist who works with everything, and finds the elixir that is within the depths of things.
The Tantric Left-Hand way, is one of finding the elixiral essence, even in things that might be considered as useless distractions, or negative and bad.

In the Tantra of the Left-Hand path, the only Goddess there is, is the one that resides deep in the essence of our feelings and thoughts…. it is that which the Tantric worships.
The secret teaching of Ketu, Saturn and Rahu is to work with our so called negative thoughts and feelings.
To the Tantric, the things that might seem to distract us from the ‘spiritual’ are considered as doorways to the Goddess.


She steps upon the throne of the sacred heart,
Ketu, Saturn & Rahu show us
that the doorway to Shakti
is found in things rejected.


In Yogic lore, Saturn is considered as the dark and slow planet of Karmic law, he is a force within all of us.
Saturn is the deep heavy teacher within – who when ritualistically worked with – reveals the Karmic knots and imprints upon the sacred heart.
Ketu is the South lunar node of occulting the Moon. He be the force that stands outside of convention in the 3 worlds… the force of deepest detachment, time past, the ancestors, the crone, the force of retaining.
Rahu is restless consumption, he stands opposite to Ketu.
He be in the place of future time, the vampire, the ever-unsatisfied head without a body.
Consuming but never retaining, Rahu is a very real force of our ‘times’.


When something is revealed,
it is on the way to be healed
Tantra is healing,
Tantra is unconcealing,
Tantra is feeling


In the context of ancient Tantric practices, we will work in the dark, and with our visible shadow by way of the practice known as Chaya Karana, literally Shadow practices.
Chandra Parampara is a work of Moon sequence that creates receptivity and softness in mind, heart body and soul… we will work with many Asan (Yogic postures) of Chandra Parampara.
Asan & Mudra of body, along with inner Mudra work and Mantra, will be an integral part of this ritual practice.

Though this work is intensive, experience is not necessary, and these 3 days are open to new students of the Ancient Tantric arts.
Apply in writing if you have any questions or concerns.




The numbers will be limited to 13 ritual participants, and is only by prior registration.
Bring a thick blanket with you and please write a short letter of introduction to.



(30 minutes direct from Cologne Airport)


Ansgarstrasse 5

50825 Köln




Hara Ring



Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.



No one will be refused because of financial reasons.

You may get in touch if you would like to attend and work out a suitable exchange that fits your circumstances.