In the above picture we see Shiv & Shakti seated upon the throne.


Magha means power, majesty and rulership. 

This Nakshatra is our very heart of power. 

Connecting with Magha Nakshatra brings us towards the power of rulership. 

This starry realm teaches us grand royal standing.

The power of rulership comes by embracing the dualisms within the Heart. By embracing all within, we acquire the standing to embrace all things around us. 

When the Heart no longer divides, it takes the seat of power in all the realms of existence.

Just like the true ruler who is able to speak  the language of all beings.

We see this exemplified in Shiv in his aspect of Bolo. Bolo Nath is Shiv who satisfies the needs of everyone that comes before him, whether they be they Asura or Deva.

Shiv is the pure Shakta force, he is the Yogiraja (King of Yog) who dwells in the Himalayan summits where he sees everything with singular vision… indeed he has the third eye of Agya.

Before Shiv all are his subjects over which he rules.

He doesn’t really care for ruling but his stature is such that he has known and tasted all things. This gives him wisdom and understanding of all states.

He is the ultimate shapeshifter who can make a friend of everyone and know them profoundly. By knowing and seeing what they themselves do not see about themselves, makes Shiv the King.

He has power over others but he wields it with compassion… this is the meaning of Bolo in his name Bolo Nath.

Shiv is king of ghosts and ghouls as well as Devas. As king of ghosts and ghouls, Shiv is beyond fear of them. He is like the Goblin king who befriends the un-befriendable.

Shiv is the king yes, but he himself surrenders to Shakti who rules over him. Even the King of the 3 worlds has a place where he becomes the child and devotee. 

Shiv is a good example of Magha energy.

Though he does not care for the outer populace and formalities of royalty, he rules as no other can.

Magha is found in the constellation of Simha (Leo) and is actually the Star Alpha Leonis, which is the very heart of the Lion. This Star is also known by the name Regulus in Latin, which interestingly, means ‘the little king’.

Magha Nakshatra is often symbolised by a throne, representing our heritage and seat. The seat of power of this celestial sphere is the seat of our hereditary power.

It is the Pitris who live astrally upon Magha. The Pitris are the ancestors.

So then, Magha Nakshatra concerns the power of our past and our ancestry.

The Tantric, by working resolving inner Karma, even sets free their family and ancestors. 

Directly or indirectly, the Tantric even helps Karmicly blocked or even earthbound spirits in the line of their ancestry. The Ancestral spirits can live in the unconscious levels 

In developing awareness and strength of focus on what is eternal, the Tantric comes to the cleansing of stagnant  Karmic energies. 

We might start to awaken from the dreams and energies of our ancestors and see that our awarness has been occupied. 

We might happen to see that we take on the inner formations, along with the fears and maladies of our parents, family and ancestors. 

Seeing these inner formations and coming to the release from the grip that they have upon upon our awareness, is very much a ritual theme of Magha Nakshatra.

In Tantric practices, the Pitris (ancestors) that are spiritually blocked or troubled upon the inner planes are assisted to the develop awareness so they can be freed from their entrapments. 

This can also be said for the relations to our living ancestors, for we are connected energetically through the etheric medium of the blood.

The grip of ancient Karma is what causes conflicts. Sometimes these conflicts resurface in our journey from birth to death. 

The practices of Tantra give us vision beyond the inner Karmic blueprints set up by family and ancestry. Without developing awarness about what forms our reality, Karmic blueprints can operate in blind spots in our awareness.

The Tantric is in a process of awakening from inner possessions of Karma and ancestry.

The ancient storage of Karmic accumulation is what keeps Shakti from flowing in her true Queenly royal power of love.

By working on inner blocks, so much in our existence changes, for the inner is reflected in the outer.

Tantra demands our own effort and devotion… paradoxically Tantra can bring us to release our blocks and defenses against Shakti. Pure surrender has a royal seat in Tantra.

Shakti is perhaps what we most fear and also most long for in our soul.

Maa Kali is Kundalini force, and she is terrifying to the formations of the mind.

Her fear is powerful for it can make us see ourselves.

Magha Nakshatra
brings us to question
the actual meaning of power.

Magha’s power is the power of the Heart. The deepest lesson that this Nakshatra represents is opening to an all-encompassing heart that unites all and rejects nothing. 

This is the vision of the Yogins.


In the Dasha system on Vimshottri, we see that the planetary ruler assigned to this Nakshatra is Ketu. This is the Southern node of the Moon that is responsible for lunar eclipsing. The Moon rules the mind and our psychic awareness, and Ketu – it could be said – rules the Moon.

Ketu concerns the past. He is the body without a head and the storehouse of the unconscious rudiment of our being.

When we work with Ketu, we go back into the past, where those forgotten and unseen elements of ourselves are brought into focus.

having the power
to eclipse the mind,
represents the storehouse
of personal history
that can impose itself
upon the vision of reality.

Afflictions of Ketu make one into a library of past manuscripts and transactions that obscure the flexible vision of ever-changing reality.

When Ketu unhealthly holds strong sway in our lives, we have family disputes, and we grind on the grudges of the past.

When we come back to the roots, we are in effect taking the journey to Ketu.

By addressing root issues we impact the fruit if our experiential life. 

The root distills the essence and sap, which in turn translates to the taste of the fruit. 

Tantric’s know this Sap to be Soma. 

Soma is made up of Tejas, Ojas and Prana: mental fire, fluidic potency and breath power, respectively. 
The balance of these constituents is a preoccupation of Tantra.


Ancestral issues might present some of the dustiest shelves in our psychic library. 

Spiritual unrest in the energetic plane of the ancestors, spans concurrently across realms of time and space, and resonates and reverberates into the very fabric of our everyday life and being.

When we heal and resolve Karma of our ancestral line, we nourish the roots. Without the roots, there will be no fruit.

Having dispute with the family is a deep and subtle issue that is often the cause of much heartache, pain and anguish. 

Sometimes we enter into unconscious seats that have their origin on the subtle levels.

Let us pause and here ask ourselves, which unconscious seats of heritage might we be taking a seat upon?

It might not be easy to approach long held family issues.

The energies of the family heritage pass along the line until they are resolved in the great odyssey of destiny. 

Cutting off our roots might be one way to give the tree of our being space to grow. 

It is not uncommon that family members do not see eye to eye, but to cut away our ancestral roots
out of anger, shame or denialis to cut away a great portion of our power and the potential we have of Ka4mic resolutions. 
The Tantric works so as to release the ancestral grip.

… To cut away our ancestral roots
out of anger, shame or denial
is to cut away
a great portion of our power. 
The Tantric works so as to release the ancestral grip.

Coming to accept the good, the bad and the ugly of our heritage is to take the seat of power.

This is the seat of Magha.


Our relationships, to a certain extent, can be 
mirrors of our ancestral dynamics.

Are connections are coloured by the energies of our line. 

Some of the patterns and footprints that we walk are woven of ancestral twine. 

We may sometimes see how our children follow the paths that we ourselves transferred to them. Perhaps we have known lived through some of the paths that they follow..

We may see how we take on the energies of our elders too. 

The root is the undercurrent that can’t be cut away without affecting the fruit.
Reclaiming our power by standing for the Karmic resolution our heritage, is the first step in resolving the past.

“Can we resolve the past.
Lurking jaws, joints of time?
The Base
To come of age in a dry place
Holes and caves.”

J. Morrison – American Prayer

When we redress the issues from a spiritual angle, we effect changes in the manifest realm. 

Merely holding a positive thought in mind is of little consequence in this pursuit. 

At the best, it might convince us that things are all well and good. 

The Tantric learns to employ all facets of their being in the spiritual pursuit of healing towards Moksh.

When we approach the spiritual world with a holy sense of purity we confine our psychic forces, and therefore confine their expression in our manifest life.

‘Angelic lightness’
is perhaps an empty invention, and just one facet of being,
but it is not the whole picture
Perhaps it is denial of the dark Mother?

The pursuit of the holy stems from fear, denial and escapism to the true face of reality. 

The Goddess has many faces. Some of which are blinding, some of which are dark and consuming. 

To sit in the seat of power and to allow the full impact of feeling the effect of her ever changing gaze upon us… is to be in reality.

To superimpose the Goddess’ face with a wished for visage is to apply shadow and lipstick to the mirror. If we keep sticking things upon her mirror, we will create a fantasy and lose touch with reality. 

This is not the way spirituality is meant to be.


“Gorgeous girls are bound to meet
To talk of stars and kings and feet
Through the chromosomes of space and time
Me, I’m fast like bad infection
Gasping for my resurrection
Swear to me in times of war and stress

Seen his family with a shrinking smile
See his family at the happy games
Standing in the mouth of all that’s pure
Come straggling in your tattered remnants
You’ll come to me with tears and blame
I am the future
I’m tomorrow
I am the end“

D. Bowie – Earthling


We have briefly seen the Yogic vision of how the ancestors dwell on this star. 

They are known as the Pitris and are made up of guardian spirits and deceased ancestors.

Yogic culture works profoundly with ancestry. 

Our heritage is understood to be our root that yields the fruit of our being… It might sometimes bring, pain and confusion, but it contains a potential of Karmic resolution when it is inwardly worked with through the application of Tantric Vidya.

There are  various rituals in Tantra for blessing the ancestors, and connecting to their blessings. 

Tantric work spans across many planes of existence. 

There are dedicated ritual days when the ancestors are near.

The time of Pitru Paksh for example is an ancient ritual time when the door to the ancestral world opens.

It is a time when unrest upon the inner spiritual planes is addressed so we can be freed from what is often known as Pitri Dosh. This is the affliction caused by unresolved Karmic ancestral forces.

Tantric ritual even dedicates a whole month to Ancestral work There is the ritual time of first honouring the mothers line for a fortnight. Which is then followed by honouring the fathers line for a further fortnight.

By connecting to the root energies resonating through time, we see how time is a concurrent thing, existing and moving together in sync, like the fingers of a wristwatch.

We release spirits and energy through the chromosomes of space and time – by our involvement in the spiritual side of life – when we approach the world of the ancestors by way of ritual.

There are many special days for Tantric ancestral rites. These are days, when the world of the ancestors is said to open up and be within view to the eye that looks to see.

Dark Moon days, for example,are times when the spirit world
intersects with the earthly plane. That is a day when the ancestors
& spirits are worked with in Tantra.

The Dark Moon is deeply a night of Maa Kali.  She is the mother night,  She be the enveloping embrace of darkest depth Every night is blessed under the auspices of Shakti. She it be, who pulls the spirit to her dark breast.

Hara Ring