Lakshmi & Alakshmi Ritual


This Full Moon meditation
comes from the pantheon of secret tantric practices
that work powerfully to reconcile the opposites
within us


Death and Life are two sides of the same coin.

There is no living without dying, and there is no dying without living. Living and dying go together.

Where Lakshimi is life, Alakshmi is death, where Lakshimi shines like a star of vision, Alakshmi consumes like an enveloping night of creeping blackness.  

This meditation that is about to be presented, is linked to the two sisters in question. It is a ritualistic practice that pertains to the Moon phase we are working with tonight and on the 16th of October.

This ritual comes from the pantheon of secret tantric practices that work powerfully to reconcile the opposites within us.

Though this practice be most simple in appearance, it brings about profound power and insight to the one who practices it diligently between the first Full and New Moon of the darkening half of the year (that is, from tonight and for the next fifteen days).

The practice brings about deep insights into the nature of wealth and poverty and our relationship to these forces.

Just as the Tree is fruitfully in bloom in one season and then barren and leafless in another, the movements of these two energies comprise the vision of the nature of reality ‘with’ its fluctuations in the psychic seasons of the soul.

Object of Power

A coin is a Tantric object of power and symbolically represents the currency of the soul: Shakti.

Some tantrics keep a coin, sometimes it is worn around the neck on a string.
Amongst some yogis it may be a mere convention, but in the lines of Tantra, a coin is often handed down the line from elders to apprentices, having acquired power from decades of ritualistic use.
When a disciple has sufficiently learned about the laws of the exchange of energies, then they are given the coin as a mark of initiation, one amongst the 3 metal objects of power: trident and copper pot being the other two.
In tantric culture a yogi who has gained a high degree of wisdom about energy cultivation and preservation is privy to receive such a coin as a mark of initiation.
The learning of the laws of energy exchange implies that one knows of ways to keep a steady degree of energy, without the common fluctuations between tiredness and excitement.
This meditation is a great psychic instrument towards helping one towards such an attainment of equanimity.  

Law of Exchange

The practice can be dipped into superficially or one can immerse their whole being in it.
The practices of Tantra only give back in return what one gives themselves to them.
Time indeed can help one in gaining focus, but beyond the amount of time spent in such practices, is the quality, and intensity of devotion and focus, this plays a more important part than anything else.

We may approach Tantric subjects with the hope of gaining something, for example, health, peace of mind, healing or power.
These things come at a price and can’t be expected.
We only gain to the degree to which we have given, when we go into the mirror of Tantra.

If we use the practices in a casual way, spending minimally, holding back or withholding the currency of our Shakti, then Tantra will take from us in the same way that we have hoped to take from Tantra.

Life itself is a Tantric mirror, if we meet the reflection without smears upon the mirror we naturally meet balance, karmic smears upon the screen through which we live life are a Tantric concern.

In the spiritual world, there are no cheap deals, or two for the price of one offers. In the law of exchange there is no grasping for abundance with a poor hand.
Taking a lot without giving might be the perverse privilege of humans, but this is at a crippling price, often to others, but in the spiritual sense… where there is only one heart, we bear the consequences ourselves.

‘Time is money’

Those corporations that roll in big amounts of money are those that occupy a big place in the space/time continuum. Take corporations such as Amazon or Burger King, Facebook or tabloid newspapers.

Corporations occupy the space/time continuum in both a collective and an individual sense. How? by latching onto the unresolved archetypes that burn in the recesses of the soul.

Until a symbol that consumes us is embraced in both its dark and light aspect, it is an open door to disempowerment by ‘unowned’ forces that can ‘enter’ invisibility and unnoticed within us and steer the engine and direction of our spiritual focus.
By aquatinting oneself with the timeless realm that the soul inhabits beyond the space/time continuum, the ‘time is money’ or the ‘time is power’ principle is known in more than a theoretical way.
Tantrics say that soul of every human is Maha Kaal, (the one beyond time) beyond birth and death, beyond coming and going.
The Yogis’ vision has been to touch the timeless, through working with time in the realm of time that we inhabit in parallel unison to the timeless realm.


Take a coin. It can be specially selected, perhaps bought from a collectors shop. You may have a treasured coin among your keep sakes and trinkets already.
Or you may simply take the first coin that comes to hand.

One side of the coin is painted black by you.
You can use a wax crayons for this, or children’s hobby paint, or even black nail polish.
The other side is polished for a period with a cloth or a tissue, you might even like to use metal polisher to bring out a shine.  

The coin is tossed and lands upon the floor, and you make circles around it.
If it lands shiny side up, you circle it in the attitude of Lakshmi, in the Surya chakra (clockwise Solar direction) walking round and round the coin until you feel yourself to be the Goddess of fortune herself. Notice your outer countenance and align it to one of royalty and grandeur, whilst inwardly summoning and visualising the prosperity Goddess, you can feel yourself to be Lakshimi in your own psychically creative way.

If the tossed coin lands black side up upon the ground, you circle the coin in the Chandra chakra (counter-clockwise Moon direction)
You take the walk of poverty, summoning thoughts and feelings of poverty, walking with empty, impotent countenance of hungry and tired poverty.
Align yourself to an inner attitude of Alakshmi, ugly, sour and barren.
Align to a grief-stricken reality and as you continue to circle, go deeper and deeper into this.

Flip the coin until you have done both sides, you may get a few tosses of one Goddess in a row, keep going and doing the practice.
When both sisters have shown their face by the magic of the coin, then the circling is complete.

Afterwards, sit on the floor with the coin between your palms.
Go into the centre that exists between the extremes of the two expressions of Lakshimi and Alakshmi.

The practice can be done anytime, upon awakening and before sleeping is recommended.

We hope you will find this meditation useful.
Hara Ring,