The Nourised Spirit

Revati Nakshatra is located is in the constellation of Pisces.
The two fish are in-fact one of the symbols of Revati.

Revati communicates the lessons of nourishing vitality and psychic wealth to us on Earth.,

A Revati Moon can draw out our deepest themes and ‘thought-forms’ pertaining to nourishment.

A Friend of Heart

The deity that dwells in the Nakshatra of Revati is Pushan. He is the nourisher that cares for all creatures, whether they be bright or dark in their beauty.
His name means ‘the one who brings prosperity to all creatures’.
Pushan is a kindly nurturing deity with a generous bent of nature. He is always able to provide to all creatures that are in need. Pushan is generous on all levels. He is the friend that gives the heart what is needed, both emotionally as well as practically.
He is a cow-herder and holds the Gohdanda, which is the Cow-stick-of-power.

Whenever Pushan is invoked he infuses the atmosphere with compassion, love and beauty.
The strike of his cow stick penetrates the shadows of selfishness that encase the sacred heart.

Pushan lives from milk and liquid foods and creates the wealth of Soma. Pushan’s wealth is love and in this he is rich beyond measure. He has no enemies or adversaries as his mere presence is enough to warm the coldest and most self-focussed of hearts.

Pushan comes to heal the self-focussed obsession that destroys love. He is Maha-Parush (a great abundant soul). He is a guide that comes out when called and can help the heart recover its lost fragments of power.

Revati Nakshatra translates as ‘the star that is full & wealthy with nourishing force’.

Revati is beauty. It can be translated as the celestial realm of riches and wealth.
The special wealth of Revati is an inner quality of beauty that is possessed by a being who is able to nourish others. Revati can bring this quality to us.
The lesson of Revati is all about nourishment.

Revati shows us that
only those who are themselves nourished
are able to nourish others.

The Secret of Soma

We might sometimes find ourselves giving without having any reserves to give from.
If we track such actions of giving with honest reflection, then we will find that such giving is an empty powerless screech in the dark. We might sometimes hit a one-hit-wonder with such actions, but it is not anything that will endure for very long.
The power that Revati brings us is very much connected to the hidden teaching of the Elixir of Soma.
This teaching shows us that:

Giving from an unnourished place
is essentially an action of little consequence
that will deplete our reserves.

Revati is a steady swimming star realm that gradually warms the stove and is ever aware of the reserve store of firewood that must see one over for a whole season.
Revati shines an integrity of awareness that is not fuelled by emotional tides and impulses, but by a deeper awareness that moves with a panoramic vision.
The first impulse of Revati is to nourish one’s home before bringing fires further afield.


Revati is very much the energy of Motherhood.
The infant is to be fed before all matters can commence. If we ignore the teaching of Revati, then we might ‘live’ a life fuelled by the fires of emotion, perhaps one day finding that we have frozen in the home of our own heart.
Revati is very much the realm of the parent, the nourisher and the teacher. A teacher of any subject can only teach if they have learned something themselves. A teacher who has not learned something cannot nourish the students and will waste precious time in indulging in superficialities.
Revati is the cycle of flowing nourishment. The Mother who has a nourishing force with her, has the possibility to nourish, and therefore can attract the child that requires nourishment. This applies in all fields of life. This is the star-spun wisdom of Revati.

The Vampire

In the opposite way, we could say that the empty and depleted are vampirised by something and in turn are only good themselves to vampirise something. Revati brings a celestial teaching that can break the cycle of psychic vampirism.

Revati is a parental force.
Revati is a force of devotional nourishment.

This applies to taking care of anything that requires life blood. A project of any kind requires us to nourish it.
Sometimes we might find ourselves more on the tail end of receiving nourishment and ready to lap it up and not give into the enterprise. But this goes hand in hand with a thought form of poverty that itself feels empty and keeps the stove of the heart cold. 
We might take the back-seat of the receiver and never step into the driving force of the giver. The driving seat is a wealthy nourished seat that knows it has to load the tank with fuel after the drive. The one who waits that the tank is loaded for them, steps into the arena of the vampire and lives themselves a half-life where blood is scarce. 

Healing Childhood

We could say that Revati is connected to feeling Mothered.

One who feels they don’t have enough mothering themselves naturally will find it a challenge to be a mother. Revati is a force that gives its magic if we are able to heal our relation to motherhood.

To feel
that we are nourished from life
represents a massive step.

We might be striving under the thought form that we have not quite made it yet, or that we are yet to receive the milk of life that awaits us just around a corner that never comes.

Revati is indeed the astral investigation of the energies of the Mother.
We are not able to give what we don’t ourselves have. This is the cold fact.

Motherhood is a quality that might never appear from the outside, but a quality that we ourselves may have to instigate deep in our own hearts for the very sake of the sacred heart itself.
Ideally, the first part of life ought to be the time when we receive nourishment. But, ideals may sometimes be far from reality though.

The second half is the time when we are ourselves the nourisher. If we did not receive in the first half, then the second half may be a time of inner and outer war. 
We have to learn the wisdom of halves sometimes, and realize that the fire must be built, if it is to radiate warmth.
This shows us that Revati is very much a star that shines on us to help us break the patterns of childhood lack.

We may not be able to give
what we don’t have,
but we may be able to learn
to heal our wounds and patterns, 
and in love, find the opening to nourish
what was never nourished in us.