VAJRESHVARI DEVI | 05.07. * Vajreshvari Devi is a Goddess of Rati (sexual pleasure). She be mistress of Shukra (Venus), and expresses the fire element in Tamasic form.






20:00 – 22:00 CEST
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On this night of the 6th Nitya Dance of the Moon Goddess, we will Tantricly work with red force of life blood.

The Sixth lunar day is known to Yogins as Shashti Tithi.

This is the sacred day of the Goddess Vajreshvari Devi.

To her this ritual will be dedicated.

For this Ritual, please have a pomegranate upon your Yogic altar.


Vajreshvari Devi is a Goddess of Rati (sexual pleasure).

She be mistress of Shukra (Venus), and expresses the fire element in Tamasic form.

The fire element of Vajreshvari Devi is the feminine essence and blood known to Yogins as the Rajas Rasa

The opposite of Rajas is the Bindu… white seed or Shukra.

Shukra is the Yogic term for Venus and means sexual essence.

When Shukra and fire meet, they creates Tamas.

Tamas is the downward moving force that brings the etheric forces into manifestation. Tamas is birth and manifestation, Tamas is Rati in the sense of focusing the sexual energies upon the earthly bodily plane.



We see by her symbols that Vajreshvari Devi is connected to sexuality.

Shashti Tithi is considered in the lore of Yogic wisdom as a day for working with the sexual energy, the blood and the seed.

There are many Gupt Mudras (hidden) practices that work with blood and seed magically.

In this ritual we will lay a foundation for such practices.

The sexual essence in both woman and man is possessed of magical force when focussed. When focussed it becomes the Vajra that her name carries.


6 is the number of Venus, Shukra as it is known to the Yoginsbis the deity who has the magical lover of Mritsanjeevani. This is the power to bring life to the dead. Venus creates the force of attraction that unifies opposites and brings a new element to life.

The ancestral forces passed are continued in an ever flowing steam of incarnation by the flowing river of Shukra… literally the river of magnetic sexual essence.

Meditation on the Yantra of Vajreshvari Devi reveals the teaching and perhaps unglimpsed Vidya (wisdom) of Venus.

The sixth day is also sacred to the red lord Kartikeya . He is evoked upon action on Shashti Tithi at daybreak.

Kartikeya is the deity of pure red concentrated force.

We also find they the 6th lunar day is sacred to the cat Goddess who is called Shashti.

She is the Goddess of birth and the care of the womb.

We see the with these deities, a synchronicity with the Goddess Vajreshvari Devi of the 6th Moon dance. She is evoked at Moontime by Tantric’s upon her day of power.

Her Yantra, as pictured above, expresses the 6 pointed star of two equilateral triangles united in the form of the Lingam.

The two triangles are the Ling and the Gam… these are representative of the red feminine and the white masculine essence of Rajas and Bindu.

The Sixth astrological house is known as Shatru Bhavan to the Yogins. It is the house of health, vitality and addressing the conflicts that stand in the way of vitality.

We see that Vajreshvari of the 6th lunar day, in many ways represents the qualities of the 6th house. The life is in the blood and the blood is in the life.

It is the house of Kanya (Virgo), the self contained Matrarch of the eternal ages.

She is the pomegranate.


Vajreshvari Devi holds a pomegranate and she herself is red

The pomegranate is the fruit that brings the seed and blood together. It has many Yogic healing and ritualistic uses.

The dried skin of pomegranate for example, is a potent health giving remedy in Yogic medicine.

We will discuss the use and Yogic preparation of this pomegranate remedy in this ritual.

The pomegranate is a fruit of the feminine matriarchal line of continuity.

We see the name in Sanskrit is Dadimaam, this very word brings together the elder crone ‘Dadi’ and the mother Maam.

The ritual practices of Vajreshvari work with the matrilineal energies of ancestry.

By healing and releasing the trapped ancestral imprints in the line of the mother, and all mothers before who carried the red seed through the ages, we open to the ripeness of the red nourishing pomegranate of feminine force.

Taking or preparing a pomegranate remedy upon Sashti Tithi is part of the Yogic work of Vajreshvari Devi that we will be investigating in this ritual.

Working spiritually with the pomegranate gives us a healing remedy for problems related to the mother and child relation.

The Yogins have preserved a wisdom of the ritual uses of various fruits. Each fruit has a spirt that can tune us into great mysteries and teachings.

On a physical level, the pomegranate can help with issues of child conception and the womb.

It is a potent remedy when Yogicly prepared, that can help with sexual dysfunctions and problems related to Menstruation and Menopause.


The symbolism of red goes to its extreme with Vajreshvari Devi, as we find that she is a Goddess who floats in a river of blood.

The symbolism of Menstruation and fertility is explicit in Vajreshvari Devi.

Vajra in her name means electric focus of energy.

She is the Goddess of focusing the life force of the red blood, so as to give birth.

Vajra is the secret of the focus of life force that Vajreshvari Devi teaches.

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Hara Ring


Posted on

1. January 2021