SHARAD PURNIMA | 8.10.22 * It is the autumnal harvest of the heart. The first full Moon of the dark half of the year.




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The full Moon in of Sharad is a Moon of love.

Sharad is ripeness.

It is the autumnal harvest of the heart.

The first full Moon of the dark half of the year.

The cosmic principle of embodied love
is the focus of this Moon

Love is the unification of opposites.

The worship of Shakti & Shiva, Radha & Krishna, Lakshmi & Vishnu and all the pairs of deities that unite in love are worshiped and evoked upon this night.

This is a ritual about love

The Prashaad (offering) of this ritual is Kheer.

This is rice milk rice.

For this ritual please prepare Kheer.

You can do this before the ritual or next day.

Milk which may be plant based can be used.

You can add cardamon or any spices of your choice.

The Kheer is to be sweetened and not eaten until after the ritual.

The first offering is to be given to the lovers who magnetically unite in cosmic love.

One may find their own way to do this.

Kheer is a food of devotion. It awakens the heart and senses.

The rice represents the seed masculine principle, and the milk represents the mother feminine nourishing principle.

When cooked together with the Mantras of union, Kheer becomes an elixir to strengthen the principle of cosmic love.

Shakti Shiv
Bhairavi Bhairava
Radha Krishna
Lakshmi Narayan

Are such Mantras that are chanted while preparing Kheer as a Tantric elixir for love.

The Moon of Sharad Purnima transmits elixir on this night. It is believed by Tantrics that cooking Kheer on this Moon infuses it with Amavarani… this is the eternal essence of lunar. This is Lakshimi.


Lakshimi is honoured on this day. She represents spiritual wealth.

The greatest wealth of spirit is Love.

That sums it up.

She pours it forth from the Moon on this night through generously giving the fortune of the 16 Kala’s.

The 16 Kala’s are the qualities that comprise the full wealth of soul.

The Moon of Sharad is considered to be the Moon that sends Moonbeams to earth that contain all 16 Kala’s.

Here is a list of the 16 Kala’s:

Tapasya – Spiritual devotion
Kshama – Forgiving
Neetiwadi – Honesty
Satyawadi – Truth
Nrityajna – Grace of dance
Sangitanja – Grace of song and music
Saundaryamya – Beauty
Sarvagnata – Skill of all arts
Dhairya – Patience
Dhaansheel – Generosity
Niraskati – Detachment
Nyaya – Fairness
Nirapeksha – impartiality and non-favoritism
Aparchitta – Strength
Sarvaniyanta – Poise and control
Daya – Compassion

The Moon expresses these 16 qualities in fullness on Sharad Purnima.

These potentials are the art of the soul that we all possess.

Some qualities may slumber, while other be awake.

This ritual will be one of balancing the 16 Kala’s.

When they are balanced, we become a lover.

By aligning through focus to the lunar rays on this night, the 16 Kala’s are awakened within the human microcosm.


Radha & Krishna and all the Gopis dance the Rasa Lila on this night.

This is the dance of eternal love.

The dance of Rasa (juice) Lila (play) has much esoteric significance that the Tantric dances and investigates on the full Moon of Sharad Purnima.

Krishna is the dark sky as the root of his name Krishoor, which means dark implies.

Radha is the Moon, she is the beloved of Krishna,

She is the Moon in his night

Krishna made all the Gopis (milk maidens) feel like they were dancing in loving unity with him.

But in the centre of the Chakric dance of love, Radha was his real partner.

The Rasa Lila dance happens under the Moon of Sharad.

We see that many different visions and modes of ritual ascribed to the Moon of Sharad.

Tantric ritual works through invocation of eternal principles.

All the various stories ascribed to Sharad Purnima are in essence stories of love.

To meet the love that ever stands behind, infront, below above, within and outside.

Where is the love?

Love is the Moon.

It gives and it receives.

It is a mystery to ponder & meditate upon.

Ponder upon it if you will.


This is a night of devotion.

Devotion to what?

To Love.

Union in love is given by this abundantly elixiral Moon.

The ripe Moon of Sharad offers healing rays for a night to work upon relationship themes.

Healing unresolved past relationships that linger in us and effect our present relationships is given ritual attention or Sharad Purnima.

Tantra presents the premise that all problems and distortions are based on reverberations of past Karma.

Devotion heals Karma
& opens the sacred heart

The Karmic themes get stored in what are known as Granthi’s… These are the psycho/physical blocks around the sacred heart.

Freedom of the heart is the fortune of Lakshimi

The Elixir of lunar
is the milk of Shakti
Bhakti is devotion,
Devotion is an ocean

Sharad Purnima is the full Moon following Navaratri.

This is the Moon of Love, when all the pairs of lovers such as Bhairavi & Bhairav, Radha & Krishna and Lakshmi & Vishnu amongst others are united by loving worship.

These pairs of lovers live within us as opposite poles that both repel and magnetize each other.

The balance of these poles is the union of love.

The full Moon of Sharad Purnima emits a particular nectar like essence that balances and unifies opposites.


The different pairs of lovers represent various realms or expressions of Love.

For example Bhairavi and Bhairav are Ugra (fierce) deities representing destruction and love on the spiritual plane.

Radha and Lakshmi represent preservational force and love on the emotional plane.

Sarasvati & Brahma represent creative force and love in the realm of Bhumi, the physical plane.

Meditate upon the 3 realms of the Granthi’s in this connection.

The Rudra Granthi in the Third-Eye Chakra, is the knot of mind that is loosened by losing the structures that confine pure thought.

The Rudra Granthi is the realm of Shiva.

When he moves to the opposite Chakric octave at the Solar-Plexus Chakra, then he unites opposites.

The Dark Moon rules the Third-Eye Chakra, and the sun rules the Solar-Plexus Chakra.

Shiva is receptive force when he is alone in the Third Eye.

If he moves to the active Shakti expression in the Solar-Plexus, then there is unification of opposites.

But Shiva must become hot to not be consumed by Shakti in her fiery expression at the Solar-Plexus.

When Shakti moves up to Shiva in the Third-Eye, then she must cool to not consume him, or freeze on his mountain peak.

Consider that the colour vibration of the Third-Eye is indigo, and the colour vibration of the Solar-Plexus is Yellow. These are opposite vibrations in the colour spectrum.

Vishnu rules the Ish Granthi at the heart.

Brahma rules the Brahma Granthi at the area of creation

Ponder the implications of the balancing and creative pairs of lovers in such a way as outlined above for the lovers of destruction.

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