Throughout 2022 we will run a series of online rituals
dedicated to the main techers of Tantric Wisdom.

This series will be of interest to all those who venture to find the inner Guru and to understand the role of the Teacher in Tantric wisdom. The days upon which we shall gather for these rituals relate to Tantric festivals that celebrate the quality of the Teacher of Wisdom. We will travel through many Tantric practices along with the stories and myths of these ritual nights that take us deep into the Inner Teacher of Wisdom in the cave of our Heart.

Tantra is a wisdom tradition that entails strict codes that are handed on in unbroken lines from teacher to student. The teacher is the link in the chain of Tantra. In this wisdom series, we will investigate the inner and outer teacher. We will see that the original Tantric practices are themselves the teacher that lead us to the Darshan (vision) of the Guru Tatva (element).

Guru means ‘the heavy one’. The Guru is linked to Shuni who is the planet Saturn. The stories of Shuni tell how he is the child of Surya (the Sun) and with his dark, weighty underworld gaze Shuni caused even the Sun to blacken like a dark crispy Shadow of its former self. Saturn is just like the Guru who has the ability to take away all visible and known light within us and take us into the parts of ourselves that have previously not been seen.

In this series we will explore tantric methods that can eclipse the solar vision and make us aware of the spirits of the unconscious world that colour our visible lives. Tantra is the Teacher.

Read our Blog to learn more about the original meaning of Guru and about the ways in which Tantra imparts its teachings.


01 | 11 February 2021 | MAUNI AMVASYA & THE POWER OF SILENCE

This series will open on the Amvasya (dark Moon) of Mauni (silence). An ancient ritual day in the Tantric calendar known as Mauni Amvasya. It is a time of discovering the power of speech, sound and silence. It is a sacred night of silence that is kept by the Tantrics for silent ritual. Some of the techniques that will be introduced for working with speech can quicken profound processes in our psychic world. By working with the throat chakra we engage the sexual energy.


Maha Shivaratri, translates quite literally as ‘the great night of Shiva’. Shivaratri is a Powerful Tantric ritual night. The crescent Moon that appears just before the dark Moon at Sunset is a focal point in this ritual. Indeed, Shiva is known as Chandra Shekkhara, which means, ‘the one who wears the Crescent Moon Crown’. Maha Shivaratri is the uniting of the mountain heights with the deepest valleys. This is the uniting of Shiva and Shakti. This night is a night of the secret wisdom that is born of their embrace.


This ritual night has been reserved since aeons to give honour not only to the personalities of one’s teachers, but also to the principle of devotion and effort that the teacher represents. The Guru is the inner quality that we all possess. The quality of attention to detail and unwavering voyage into the depths of a single subject. This effort to surpass oneself and attain the hights of wisdoms is said to come from the Guru Tatva. Tatva can be translated as ‘element’. Upon this day the astral forces are strong for setting the Guru Tatva within us into motion.


This ritual night is known as Datta Jayanti, It means the birthday of lord Dattatreya. He is the Guru of the Tantrics and the grand master of awareness and healing trance. This is a time honored night kept by Tantrics for strong ritual explorations of consciousness. Dattatreya is he who is full of compassion and fully Loving. He is so unified in all levels of being that there are no distinctions in his awareness. This is indeed a teaching of Wisdom for all humans. Dattatreya is the legendary Tantric who brings all things together.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Ancient Tantra

These ancient Tantric healing circles come from a left hand line of Indian Tantra, rare to find even in India today. You will take part in a sacred Yogic tradition that roots itself in Indian lineage handed down orally between generations of Yogis, Babas, Sadhus and Fakirs.
You will be exposed to the old Tantric ways of profound healing and spiritual practice, including practicing in darkly-lit spaces and awakening the senses to the body’s subtle energy currents, holding simple postures for long periods of time, and engaging in powerful breath-work and inner and outer Mantra to open-up the body and take the mind into altered states of consciousness.
The practice draws on postures seldom used in modern styles of yoga, ancient sequences that honour the mother and the feminine, gently opening-up the body to its highest levels of flexibility.
Integral to this work is the exploration of sound-currents present in the body, perhaps one of Yoga’s greatest secrets and one of the most powerful vehicles through which the Karmic. patterns stored in the Chakras can be accessed and resolved.

Boonath in Bhandgiriasan


The practice usually takes place in the dark or darkly-lit spaces.