Throughout the month of July we will run 4 online rituals
dedicated to the Saturnian forces of destruction brought by Lord Shuni

In the month of July we work with the themes of Saturn, traveling along 4 Moon junctions, starting with the Dark Moon and moving on to the two half Moons, with the Full Moon sandwiched between them. This series of Saturnian Tantric ritual will be undertaken upon ritual days of the astro-Tantric-calendar. On these evenings we will be going further and deeper into some of the recent Saturnian-themed work that we have been stepping into. There will be further ancestral healing work, working with the feminine portal of the shadow, along with deepening the aquaintance with Saturn, as we meet with him once again. We will begin these Saturnian studies upon the first Dark Moon of the waning years half, on the occasion of Shuni Amvasya.

Saturn is the lord of time and rhythmic intelligence, as such his dates ought to be spelled out clearly. Saturn moves slowly, steadily and deeply through the constellations of the Zodiac. Of the 9 planets of the Yogins Saturn is the most time honouring. Spending a period of almost 3 years in each constellation. At the present time, Saturn is landed in his natural constellation of Power in Makara Rashi, which is the ancient constellation of the Crocodile. Saturn rules the book of disciplined study.

Learning and retaining what we learn is in his grip. Saturn is careful and precise in measurement. He has a unblinking eye that ever rests upon the flame of our life. His hand ever rests on the dark side of the Moon, knowing the exact time of extinguishing the flame. Saturn sees through the games of chance that we lay upon his table. He is all about absolute certainties and stone cold reality. The gambles and the games we play to avoid his glare only bring him closer and make him heavier. The Tantrics know him as Shuni, which translates as ‘the heavy crusher’. He sees every single movement we make within the realms of time that belong to him. The whole month of the Moons of Saturn, can be done as a series, with a given after practice for grounding the power of the ritual further and deeper into daily and nightly life. Each ritual can also be chosen separately, with recordings made available for those who wish to work on the ritual outside of the allotted time.


The first Tantric healing ritual of Saturn, will be take place on Saturday the 10th of July. This day is honoured by Tantric’s as Shuni Amvasya. A Dark Moon falling on a Saturday is a rare occurrence and is Sacred to the Saturnian lord of Karma. It is known as Shani Amvasya, which means the Dark Moon of Saturn. The dark Moon is considered to be the day of birth of Shuni, and Saturday is the day of the week that is dedicated to him. And so, Shuni Amvasya is an once or twice annual occurrence where the Saturn force is honoured ritualisticly by Tantric’s. This is a Night of working with the deep ancestral imprints that we carry in the Saturnian depths.


On this evening, we shall continue upon the Saturnian journey and travel to the place where darkness and light meet in harmonious equilibrial balance. The Moon on this night rises out of its dark phase, and this will guide the ritual. This will be reflected in the work of bringing the dark Saturnian world into into view. The heavy oppressive energies of existence can’t be denied, and they ought not to be denied if we are to travel the path of healing. The poison is a medicine depending on how it is taken. The medicine becomes also a poison if taken out of measure. On this nights ritual, we shall meet the balanced measure of poison and medicine.


This ritual night has been reserved since aeons to give honour not only to the personalities of one’s teachers, but also to the principle of devotion and effort that the teacher represents. The Guru is the inner quality that we all possess. The quality of attention to detail and unwavering voyage into the depths of a single subject. This effort to surpass oneself and attain the hights of wisdoms is said to come from the Guru Tatva. Tatva can be translated as ‘element’. Upon this day the astral forces are strong for setting the Guru Tatva within us into motion.


The crow, which always follows Kaal Bhairav, is a sacred magical creature that reveals the secrets of the unseen. Many cultures upon earth have honoured the crow as a guardian of thresholds. The crow is the grand Guru of the unseen; unknown and unknowable. When we approach the Crow, we do not seek to make the unknown known, but to approach it as it is. The unknowable is the wellspring of magic. It is the heartbeat of the left-hand path of Tantra. On this ritual night we well perch beneath his wings and further work with the Chaya Karana (Shadow) practices of this yogic line of Tantra. We will work with the Bhar Chaya (outer shadow) mudras. We will investigate The Gupt (secret or hidden) mudras of working with the Shadow.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Ancient Tantra

These ancient Tantric healing circles come from a left hand line of Indian Tantra, rare to find even in India today. You will take part in a sacred Yogic tradition that roots itself in Indian lineage handed down orally between generations of Yogis, Babas, Sadhus and Fakirs.
You will be exposed to the old Tantric ways of profound healing and spiritual practice, including practicing in darkly-lit spaces and awakening the senses to the body’s subtle energy currents, holding simple postures for long periods of time, and engaging in powerful breath-work and inner and outer Mantra to open-up the body and take the mind into altered states of consciousness.
The practice draws on postures seldom used in modern styles of yoga, ancient sequences that honour the mother and the feminine, gently opening-up the body to its highest levels of flexibility.
Integral to this work is the exploration of sound-currents present in the body, perhaps one of Yoga’s greatest secrets and one of the most powerful vehicles through which the Karmic. patterns stored in the Chakras can be accessed and resolved.

Boonath in Bhandgiriasan


The practice usually takes place in the dark or darkly-lit spaces.