SATYA CHANDRA | 23.11. * Vishaka’s teaching brings us to see the things we are joining together






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Rahu eats the shit off the sun, & Ketu squeezes the shit out of the Moon.

Dear lovers of the Moon.

After the lunar eclipse, the Moon is cleansed.

In the last ‘moonth’, the shadow Graha’s (‘planets’) Rahu and Ketu have been in action, causing shadowing eclipses and the cleaning of the sun and Moon.

The sun and Moon within us are also cleansed by the eclipsing actions of Rahu and Ketu.

What does that mean?

In this time, Tantric’s recognise that the eclipse happens within us, and that all the eclipsed parts of ourselves come into play… perhaps causing turmoil in our inner and outer lives… and perhaps bringing realisations about the stains upon the sacred heart that obscure love…

Awareness of the blind spots and stains on the heart
is given to us in life by the challenges we face…
just as Rahu and Ketu are the great challengers of the soul.

When things go contrary to how we want, we might ask…

‘What have I done to create this situation?’

‘What have I nourished that I find myself in such a garden?’

It might help to remember that what we want is not necessarily what we need.

Rebirth is sometimes needed to go on living and dying.

The living dead patterns that are etched in the echoes of Karmic resonance sometimes require death.

Rebirth holds the hand of Death!

The Moon on this night will be in the Nakshatra of Vishaka.

Vishaka is a profound agent for bringing healing change.

It is the lunar mansion of the tiger and the celestial realm of Karmic resonance.

Vishaka Nakshatra indeed offers this the chance for profound change, but at the same time, the lesson of Vishaka Nakshatra asks us to carefully and honestly look at the patterns that we are repeating and nourishing.

Vishaka’s teaching brings us to see the things we are joining together.

Upon this sacred night, we will work with the tiger, the flowers in our garden, and the scent we are breathing in and out upon our lives and deaths.

The Moon and the sun come closest together upon the dark Moon… that also means that the Moon and sun within us come closest together…

Opposite forces in our life are drawn to us with the potential of resolving conflicts.

Shiva gets so near to Shakti that he melts into her dark mysteries and she absorbs him in unity.

Things exclusive to each other are closer than we think now.

To read more about Vishaka Nakshatra you may follow this link.

Rahu eats the shit off the sun, and Ketu squeezes the shit out of the Moon.

This translates to mean that Rahu cleanses obstructions from our active nature, and Ketu clears the obstructions in our receptive feeling capacity.

Their time can bring to view our unresolved repressed issues, and be a deeply challenging time.

Have you been challenged recently?

What is the teaching of the challenges that you face?

Do you want to learn the inner lesson?

How do you learn the inner lesson of challenge?

Do you want to blame the challenge?

How might you blame the challenge?

What is the lessen?

How have you been active in creating the challenges of your soul?

Without attempting to ask this central question of self investigation… how can we think about assuming responsibility for our soul?

If this question is not asked in our soul, then might we ever be reacting to life & death ?

Responding to life & death comes from the seat of maturity, and the liberty of the soul.

Reacting to life & death comes from the traumas of the past, and the limitations of the self.

In Tantric ritual application, eclipses and the Moons that follow are central points of introspection and healing.

The first dark Moon after the lunar eclipse is one of a cleared lunar nature.

The fist full Moon after solar eclipse is one of cleaned active nature… but that’s another story to the present concern.

Rahu and Ketu are spoken of as the great evils, but they are also to be considered as the great healers.

Without their blinding shadows, revealing can not be.

In blindness comes conflict and crisis.

Through conflict and crisis comes creativity and clarity.

What comes from creativity and clarity?

In this ritual of Satya Chandra, we will work with the receptive lunar nature and engage both inner and outer practices of receptivity.

Can we receive?

Recieve what?

We will worship and work with the mysteries of the Moon.

What is your Moon?

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

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1. January 2021