PITRU PAKSHA Part3 | 25.09. * We will work deep release of the spirits that move in the levels below awareness.







20:00 – 22:00 CEST

19:00 – 21:00 GMT

21:00 – 23:00 BG

14:00 – 16:00 NYC


Owning and honouring our ancestry,
whatever shapes it has carved into us,
is a great and ultimately empowering undertaking.
The Tantric way offers much perspective for releasing Karmic imprints
as we walk the path of the sacred heart.


On the Amvasya (dark Moon) the spirits come closest to our orbit on Bhumi Lokh (earth plane)

We will work deep release of the spirits that move in the levels below awareness.

The dark Moon be a time to become aware of the underground forces that move behind the threshold of awareness.

The dark Moon of Pitru Prakash is a time of working with the Bindu seed.

The seed gains potency on the dark Moon and is enthused with force through ritual.

This relates to both Woman and Man.

The seed the we have received or given, has played through the same stories of our ancestors.

The seed connects us to those stories, some of which might deviate from the sacred heart.

The seed smarties the Shaka force of Shiva in its pure form. When all Karmas are resolved, only the Bindhu of Shiva remains. This is the seed of pure awareness.

When the make seed is expressed, it opens the auric field to spiritual influence.

This is why in Tantra there is a strict code that relates to sexual expression. The movement from sexual pleasure and release is tuned towards sacred sexuality.

In this ritual we will look into how the seed of ancestry lives within us.

We will look into what we have received and given.

What has the seed given birth and form to.

We are connected etherically to our ancestry through seed blood and spirit.

When we work to untie the bonds that keep that old Karmic contracts bound tight, we liberate the heart of one and all.

It is a time for working with the seed
and the spirits that it connects us to.

We will enter into some of the esoteric practices of Tantra for calling and interacting with the spirits that live in the subtle layers.

Earth bound spirits are assisted on this night to heal the bonds that keep them from liberation.

For this ritual night. Please have one or all of the following:
A vessel of alcohol (not to drink),
Some smokey incense,
Fresh flowers

The spiritual path begins and ends with forgiveness.

Some of the things living in our hearts and minds are reverberating echoes woven of ancestral twine.

To be free to explore the potential of the sacred heart, we might have to untwine some unconscious ancestral patterns that our heart is entangled within.

The spiritual voyage is an epic journey upon which the Yogic traveller becomes a friend to all experiences.

On this ritual alignment of the Yogic Moon calendar, we will work with the etheric strings that connect us to our ancestors.

Some strings may be knotted tangles that we find ourselves in… playing over the similar patterns of our ancestors and parentage.

In contrast some of strings of ancestry may require our honouring ear to hear the precious melodies they emit when plucked like ancient mystic instruments.

Through the Tantric practices of ancestral healing, we will look deeply into the ancestral tapestry of our lives with the tools of healing Yogic alchemy.

Tantra is about aligning ourselves to the rhythms of nature, with the Moon being central to this endeavour.

The previous rising phase of the Moon concludes with the full Moon.

The phase of the mother now melts into the phase of the father.

The Mother’s Moon raised the tide and activated the womb, bringing with it the connection to the Matrilineal ancestry.

Now the descending Moon does the opposite and descends into the seed.

The descending phase of the Moon
creates a progressively introverting vortex
that activates the Seed
and brings in the influence of the patrilineal ancestry:
This be the focus of this Pitru Paksha.

The Fathers Moon phase in the Tantric lunar calendar is known as Pitru Paksha.

In this ancient ritual application, we will begin on the full Moon, with the introverting Chandra Parampara sequence of Moon Mudra.

The receptive nature of this invocation will serve as a beginning to open ourselves up to the line of masculine power that reaches us through the line of our ancestors.

The half descending Moon brings with it the power of its internalising blessing which activates our prayers and reverence towards our inner ancestral reality..

Working with the lines of our ancestry is a great empowering work that takes us through a whole hoard of emotions and energies.

The stored ancestral energies within our physical and etheric cells can be brought into profound motion by working with the Tantric art and science of ancestral practices.

Pitru Karana, are Tantric practices that work with ancestral energies.

These are ancient Tantric practices have been kept by Yogins since time immemorial. Such ritual measures of evocation and invocation, bring fluidity and healing at deep bodily and energetic levels.

Tantra works with a mixture of inner and outer actions.

Antar and Bhar Mudra as it is called.

These take form as physical movements and inner meditations and exercises in thought and emotion.

Such practices can profoundly access the foundation of our physical and psychic structures.

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Posted on

1. January 2021