PITHORI AMAVASYA | 26.08. * This Dark Moon is an important annual junction in the Tantric calendar for connecting and working with our matrilineal ancestry.






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Mata Puja is a time of healing of the matrilineal line,
that is why it is known as the Mothers’ Moon.
In this healing ritual, practices for resolving the Granthis (karmic knots)
pertaining to the mother’s ancestral line will be undertaken.
This helps us to resolves deep seated patterns that liberate
the spirits of the past and those who will follow.
Tantric ancestral ritual works with the liberation
of carrying the weight of the past.

Please note:
For this ritual, upon your altar you have some flour (a grain of your choice), placed in a bowl, with a vessel of water beside.

This Dark Moon, known as Pithori Amavasya, is an ancestrally important annual junction in the Tantric calendar for connecting and working with our matrilineal ancestry.

Since the birth of days, this dark Moon has been kept sacred by Tantrics for the ritual of Mata Puja – Mata means ‘mother’, and Puja means ‘ritual’.

Known also as a Pithori Amavasya, Mata Puja is a time for taking measures for healing of the matrilineal thread of ancestry.

Sometimes we carry imprints of the past that put us in energetic constellations of family Karma. The ancestral ritual of Pithori Amavasya is a time of looking into resolving bonds that bind the sacred heart to the wounds of the mother line.

Healing practices
for resolving the Karmic knots and imprints
of the mother’s ancestral thread
will be undertaken during the practice to free ourselves,
the spirits, and those who will follow,
from carrying the weight of the past.

The word Pithori implies grain. It is the nurturing flour of nourishing life that is the very essence of motherhood.

The festival of Pithori Amavasya is orthodoxly celebrated by Mothers fasting and praying as a blessing to their children.

In the esoteric lines of Tantra, it is a ritual junction connected to all areas of motherhood.

Working with the Mother force upon this night, is said to empower the mother child relationship and help heal 7 generations of ancestral dynamics.

Some of the patterns and energetics of our foremothers, get passed on through the womb of ancestry, and can colour our reality if left in the realm if the unconscious.

Just to become conscious of automatic ancestral responses is a profound step into the freedom and liberation of ancestral spirits.

In the Tantric sense, this festival has many healing connotations and practices for woman and man alike. Healing the traumas and imprints that are connected to the Mothers line of ancestry through potent Tantric ritual is initiated on this Dark Moon.

This is a ritual for all who are born of the womb.

Tantra has many tools for addressing and resolving matters relative to our ancestry.

In this ritual, we shall incorporate ancient Tantric healing ritual practices involving invocation of the mothers of the 7 Chakras.

Each Chakra is connected to a star Goddess of the Pleiades star constellation.

The Pleiades constellation are known as the Sapt-Matrikas to the Yogins… literally the seven origin mothers.

Upon this ritual dark Moon night, the Matrikas are summoned in sacred song of soul.

The celestial mother force hears the call of the child.

This ritual is very much about entering into the innocence of the child.

Sometimes the innocence of childhood is torn, sometimes the childhood days of infancy can be far from sweet.

This healing ritual attempts to addresses the wound of hurt childhood, under the auspices of the sevenfold celestial Matrika force that is potent upon the inner astral plane on this night.

It is a time when these star mother energies are potently available to the child soul that we eternally are.

To be the eternal child
of the nurturing
sevenfold celestial Mother force
is a task most Tantric.

Upon this night we shall connect to the Matrika star mothers, by way of Tantric Mudra and Mantra. The Tantric Mantrams that align to the astro forces of the Matrikas will be chanted.

We will work magically
with the stars of the 7 mothers
and investigate how their energies intersect
both externally and internally
with our Chakras.

Those joining this ritual are invited upon a journey deep into the heart of ancestral dynamics.

Wounds may be uncovered, realisations recovered, and healing forces evoked and invoked from the heart of the eternal mother from which we came.

To quote the poet:

From the tree of life,
leaf after leaf falls around me.

Oh, world delighted with ecstasy,
How you fill me at last,
How you fill me with weariness,

And make me drunk!

Whatever still glows today is soon lost.
Soon the wind rattles
Across my withered grave,

Over the small child the Mother bends down.
Her eyes are what I want to see,
er gaze is my star,

Everything else can appear and vanish,
Everything die, everything, good riddance.
Only the eternal Mother remains,

We came from her, and her finger writes our names
Delighted on the fleeting air.

Things Pass
H. Hesse

Participants of this ritual will be given further guidelines into magical ritual measures that have been handed down since generations. A ritualistic home practice to continue to deepen the healing force of the eternal mother will be shared.

So… for this ritual, please have some flour (a grain of your choice), placed in a bowl, with a vessel of water beside. The grain-of-life-ritual that will be continued with the flour is one of beauty, magic and motherhood..

Hara Ring

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1. January 2021