SHAKAMBHARI JAYANTI NOURISHING GODDESS | 6.01. * This Yogic night is all about honouring the beginnings of nature’s cycle








20:00 – 22:00 CET
19:00 – 21:00 GMT
21:00 – 23:00 EET
14:00 – 16:00 NYC

‘’Oh Shakambhari, Mother of growth

Through your healing tears are we nourished.

You reveal secrets in the garden of the Soul.

It is you who brings life to barren places

The most desolate place blooms

with the Rose of Shakti.

When you are there.

To feel your heart is to melt in compassion.

To feel your heart, is to know the Great Mother.

To you we bow.’’

This Yogic night is all about honouring the beginnings of nature’s cycle that is climbing with the New Year year we are in.

The Yogin is she or he who climbs the ladder of Love.

In this ritual, we will focus in on nature’s rising atmosphere of increasing light.

This is the first full Moon of the rising season.

The Full Moon is the night of Love. It is the point when the Moon and sun reach the furthest distance from each other. Shakti and Shiva see each other fully in this placement. The longing of love is incited, and in their distance they become closer than at any other lunar point.

With the support of rising nature comes expansion and opening.

And as the Tantrics prescribe, we shall follow the way of the sacred mirror of unity and engage in ancient and magical Tantric ritual that honours this full Moon.

Shakambhari is the great nourishing Goddess of Compassion. Her name translates as ‘the bringer of vegetation’. She is the revealer of nourishment and growth. She be the great mother of nurture who brings magic to our Soul.

She is twilight blue in colour and she brings the gift of herbs, fruits and vegetables to body, heart, mind and soul. Shakambhari helps us to bring growth to all the flowers and vegetation in the garden of our lives.

Shakambhari is depicted with a thousand eyes from which she waters the garden of our Soul. Her boundless waters of compassion nourish wounds of heart and reach even into the most dry cracks and corners of the soul. She brings the latent seeds of our secret innermost life into flower.


Shakambhari is the great balancer and nourisher. She balances dryness and moisture.

The balance of dryness and fluidity in the human heart is of utmost importance to Tantrics. Tantra has a whole science of practices connected to working with dryness and moisture.

The balance is the awakening of Love.


Shakambhari’s ritual night is one of fluidity and growth. For this ritual please have a flower, and a fruit and vegetable upon your Yogic altar of focus.

We will ritually study the ways in which Yogins work with blooming nourishing life.

The after ritual home practice that follows this night, will further work with the sacred cycles of growth and the art of offering and receiving.

Eastern spiritual traditions often offer flowers and fruits as a way to connect with the energies and deities, there is a Yogic science behind such gestures.

This year’s first full Moon ritual is the time of tasting inner fruit – a night of growing fruits and receiving the scent of blooms.

This is indeed a ritual time of giving and receiving, but it is also a time of pausing and looking into that which is unfulfilled – discovering what it truly is that we hunger and thirst for, while investigating the primal urge and reason for the thirst and hunger.

Under the auspices of the Moon of the nourishing mother Shakambhari, we shall attempt to delve deep into the roots of our souls garden.

Hara Ring

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1. January 2021