NAAGA PANCHAMI | 02.08. * Shravan is the Month that is sacred to the eternal Yogins Shakti and Shiva. Together they be the Yogic mistress and master of the Naaga energy.






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The focus of the Tantric Naaga Puja Ritual
is to tune the spirit to become receptive
to that which dwells in the unconscious.
Through the unconscious elements that we carry,
we may gain admittance to the world of Naaga (snake deities)
& bring the Naagmani jewel unto awareness.

Naaga Panchami is the ritual day of the Snake that falls on the rising 5th (Panchami) lunar day following the dark Moon in the Yogic month of Shravan.

Shravan is the Month that is sacred to the eternal Yogins Shakti and Shiva.

Together they be the Yogic mistress and master of the Naaga energy.

They are the intertwined dance of Kundalini Shakti.

Tapasya such as fasting or Jagra (staying awake) is often done on each Somavhwar (Monday) of the Shravan Month, to consect to Shiva.

Each Mangalvhwar (Tuesday) of Shravan is sacred to Shakti and devotions are placed to her feminine secrets.


All monthly Panchami days of the Tantric calendar are connected to the Naagas.

The Naaga’s are the beings that live in the Akashic plane of ether that underlies form and substance

Panchami days are honoured ritually by Tantrics for becoming receptive to the world of the Naagas, and accessing their realm of energy that lives behind and informs all manifest phenomena.

On Panchami days there is a lunar release of suspended etheric force that has been held in tension at the apex of the lunar circuit of completion.

The Tantric honours the Panchami day as being the lunar junction for the practices of the reception of etheric vitality.

The Moon gives a release of force
as the lunar tension gives way
to disclose the etheric astral forces
that whisper the secrets of the Naaga.

The human Astral body upon Panchami days is receptive to the teachings of the Naaga beings that live in the Akashic substance.


The main Panchami of the Tantric year, is upon the annual ritual day of Naag Panchami which we will be meeting in this ritual.

Naag Panchami takes place when the 5th lunar day meets the suns transit of Ashlesha Nakshatra.

This ritual of Naag Panchami is connected very much to invoking and becoming receptive to the energies of Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Of all the Panchamis of the year, the ability to receive the Naaga energy is most potent and pronounced upon the Nagga Panchami.

Becoming receptive to the Naaga energy of serpentine force is the central hub around which this this ritual revolves.

Ashlesha Nakshatra is the lunar constellation of the snake, and translates as the constrictor, or the embracer.

Ash-Ley-Sha is a word of 5 syllables word pronounced with snake-like sounds.

The 5 syllables when intoned correctly create a vortex to become receptive to the 5 stars of this Nakshatra. It is through these 5 stars that the Naaga forces interact with the human astral body.

Ashlesha Nakshatra is the snake star constellation of Hydra.

This constellation has 5 stars in the head of the snake that link it to the 5th Panchami day.

All the 5 stars together are active on Panchami days and pour forth the Akashic essence of the Naaga realm.

The 5 stars are instrumental to the reception of astral forces.

These 5 stars of the celestial macrocosm are mirrored in the microcosmic human astral orbit.

Ashlesha is perhaps the most mystical of all lunar houses, and rules the etheric or Akashic element of the Naagas.

Upon this Naaga Panchami ritual, we will be connecting with the 5 stars of Ashlesha Nakshatra by way of ritual focus, outer and inner Mudra, along with Mantric invocation.

Upon this ritual eve, we will work upon the astral plane by way of evocation and invocation… with inner star work, which is known as Antar Tara Mudra, this literally translates as inner-star-focus.



Akash is the element of ether and space. Akash is the most subtle element of Panchbhoot (5 elements).

Akash is linked to the junction of the heart Chakra to the throat Chakra. Akash is the subtle-most energy that unifies the heart and the head.. it is the bridge that unifies thinking and feeling.

The element Akash is connected to the subtle sound of the inner ear of the throat Chakra.

The Naaga are the underworld snakes of the ether in astral plane that speak in a mystical tongue of the most hidden and deep secrets.


When we look at representations of Shiva, we see that he has a snake, standing erect with hood open, wrapped around his throat.

The symbol of Kundalini Shakti is explicit here.

This snake is the Naaga lord Vasuki, who, along with several other of the Kundalini Serpents, are evoked upon the night of Naaga Panchami.

Vasuki is Shiva’s deep friend who features in many magical tales of charm.

Vasuki was used for Shiva’s bow string when he shot the arrow at the cities of illusion.

He was also the string as the Devas and Asuras churned the primal ocean for the Amrit elixir.

After the ocean was churned for the elixir, there also emerged the opposite. The dark blue Halahal was so toxic that its very existence threatened the three worlds.

Shiva thought he would drink it and he did.

His throat turned blue, as the fearless ingestion of the Halahal poison awakened his throat Chakra… for this Shiva is known as Neel Kanth, which means the one of blue throat.

Vasuki protected Shiva’s sensitised throat Chakra by wrapping himself 3 times around his neck.

He then joined his friend Shiva in the burden of drinking the Halahal poison along with him, as the beautiful picture below shows.

This is a story to be meditated deeply upon for it conceals many secrets of Kundalini Shakti and its Jagra (awakening).

The throat Chakra is an expression of the sexual Chakra where Kundalini Shakti resides, indeed the Tantrics call it the Shaktistaan Chakra, which literally means the place of Shakti.

The throat is the opposite octave of energy of the Sexual Chakra.

The Tantric works with Mudra and Mantra to investigate these portals of energy that mirror each other.

On this ritual night, we shall investigate the link between these two Chakras in the context of snake practices.

This ritual is concerned with release and creating space for Kundalini to spread out unrestricted into the cosmos that lives between the energies of heart and head… just as the fifth lunar day, is a junction of releasing into etheric space.


The snake is a primary feature in Tantric practice that represents the Kundalini Shakti energy.

On this annual festival day dedicated to the Snake energy, we will be practicing various of the Snake Mantra & Mudra. The hissing sound undertaken in the Naagani Asan of the snake Goddess, constricts and contains the vital forces within the Sushumna Nadi. Sushumna is the subtle snake within the spine.

To work with Kundalini Shakti is the great Tantric undertaking of shedding the skin that unfolds and reveals the sacred heart.

Sometimes the sacred heart is concealed and hidden beneath the obscuring skins of the Granthi’s.

Healing is revealing
and unconcealing
the heart of feeling
in the jewel of love beaming

This will be a ritual of shedding the skins that obscure the sacred heart, so as to reveal the internally radiant Naagmani jewel that glows in the place of Love.

Hara RinG

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1. January 2021