MATANGI JAYANTI | 03.5. * Mrigishirsa is the celestial head of the Deer, the Deer being the animal the Yogins align with the heart Chakra.






20:00 – 22:00 CEST
19:00 – 21:00 GMT
21:00 – 23:00 BG

Oh Matangi,
Green of complexion
You glisten like an Emerald in the rain.
You accept all our impurities,
You are the heart Chakra that openly receives
the leftovers that we have to offer,
the ones that are no use to anyone but you.
To you we can bring our shame and our pain,
You can hear our broken refrain!
You are the one who Loves like no other.
Not only do you Love in the sweet scented places,
But you Love in the rotting flesh of yesteryear.
You never withhold your Love.
To you we bow.

The annual Moon of Matangi is here. It falls when the 3rd rising lunar day is in the constellation of Orion, or Mrigishirsa as it is known to Yogins.

Mrigishirsa is the celestial head of the Deer, the Deer being the animal the Yogins align with the heart Chakra. This reveals much about Matangi, for – just like the green colour frequency of the heart Chakra – she is the green Goddess of the unconditional heart.

Her wisdom teaching goes beyond notions of good and bad, right and wrong, holy and profane. She loves all equally.

Ucchishta Matangi as she is called, is an outcast Goddess who is worshiped by the Tantrics with leftovers and things considered bo be filthy and impure.

Ucchishta is a word that signifies polluted scraps and leftovers.

Anything that is rotting and unwanted pleases Matangi.

An altar that resembles a rubbish pile is made for Matangi and worshiped by Tantrics in her Moon phase.

The mind may be conditioned to associate good, clean, pure or holy things with the Goddess, but Matangi destroys this notion and initiates one into a vision unconfined by holy notions.

A lot of our notions, ideas and convictions about what is good are culturally relative and inherited from ancestral, socioreligious influences

Matangi brings us to the primal vision behind and beyond affectation and influence..

She is the grand witch of the natural mind… perhaps feared and denied?

She is the true green wilderness of the feminine

Hers is not an extravagant and affected wilderness that brandishes and advertises itself as wild, but Matangi is possessed of a natural wilderness that comes from a deep connection with the natural heart.

She is the Goddess
who is most pleased
when we offer her
the parts of our Soul
that are no longer edible.

Those parts of us that are old and rotting are offered to Matangi on this Ritual night.

She is offered the habits and patterns that stand in the way of our love, and pollute our lives, Matangi is the Goddess who heals the sacred heart with the green fingered touch of nature.

If our health and relationships are not in flow, then Matangi helps to take the old scraps that rot away and pollute the sacred heart, that is, if we attempt to uncover and offer them to her.

Our psychic patterns, addictions and unhealthy habits are not always easy to release.

They can provide a distraction from facing our inner wounds, and can often be a source of shame and pain kept hidden and secret… even from ourselves.

Matangi blesses our shame with the Hand of a healing mother.

Matangi takes our rotting pollution if we face her.

To face her, is to face ourselves in the most stagnant of places.

When sincerely attempting to approach Matangi, the options of moving around the issue are limited. There is no escape from oneself in her natural realm where all is revealed… there is no rising above or dropping below, for she only offers the option of going to the Heart of the matter.

Her Emerald Green eye sees in twilight vision,
beyond, past and through notions of
holy & profane, good & bad, light & dark.
Her vision is the vision of Yogic equality.

Matangi is a shameless outcast Goddess.

All so-called Taboos are looked at by her emerald green eyes.

She is the outcasted Goddess who isn’t offered a place in polite society, but without her, polite society insidiously pollutes itself in an unseen and noxious manner.

Matangi does not care how we come to her. Her lesson does not beckon, but waits like an emerald in the darkness and rain.

Her lesson is that we attempt to cross well-worn structures and enter her wilderness…

A wilderness perhaps forgotten, denied and unknown?

Whether we come to her in filthy torn rags, or whether we come to her in royal garments and finery, Matangi will bless whatever we offer her.

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1. January 2021