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Maa Maasani is known as Shamsani Maa. Her name derives from the word for cemetary.

Shamsani translates as the mother and/or daughter of the cemetery.

She is an ever reclining Shakti who handles all injustice in a state of surrender. In a femmine receptive way, Maa Maasani heals the wound of insult upon the sacred heart.

She receives all our wounds as an open mother.

Though she lays down, she is not laying down in impotent helplessness, but rather she be the recieving – and giving – force of all existence.

She can swallow everything, just like the Bakri (goat) that be her Vahaan (creature of power)

Maa Maasani is a mother to which we can take our deepest wounds and humiliations.

That is the essence of her ritual worship.

The source of all injustice is the crime against motherhood.

Maasani Maa heals the crimes that hurt the child heart that we all carry… even into our 100th year.

Some things may grow and change, learning and skills are acquired, but the sacred heart knows not addition nor subtraction.

In the cemetery, Rahu and Ketu collide. 

The intoxication of life and the spill of blood collide in the Shamshan (Cemetary).

The blood can hold the ancestral imprints and contain the insults of heritage.

Life consumes blood, until the last drop… when life then gives sway to the great adventure of death.

Ma Massani’s ritual statue is made from the dust, earth and ash of the cemetery… We will be going into the sacred use and practices related to ash in this ritual.

Ponder a moment before reading on. 

Ponder upon why Ma Massani is related to the dust, earth and ash of the cemetery.

Ponder upon what it may mean.

She is the healing force of Shakti, for the betrayed, the insulted and the hurt.

Her form be the potency that contains Adiparashakti yes, but, it comes from the dead ashes of regret… Ponder again if you will.

Massani Maa restores justice, honour and spiritual dignity. 

Maa Masani brings life to that which has withdrawn in defeat… to that which has suffered a humiliating death of integrity of sorts. 

That which has layn down impotent and defeated, perhaps stunned, stunted and resigned.

Massani Maa is not mild, she is intensely Ugra (fierce). 

She be worshiped with strong drink and blood… that is, with the forces of Rahu and Ketu. 

Rahu is drink, Ketu blood. 

Again ponder on why this may be, and what it could mean?

Maa Maasani is Adi Shakti, and has herself been the humiliated woman.

Maa Maasani has a parallel to the story of Draupadi in the Mahabharat.

Draupadi was the most humiliated woman in all eternity.

Now, Draupadi’s Dharma was justice to the heart, body and soul of womankind by any damn means possible.

Maa Maasani also seeks justice by any means possible.. She will both consume the intoxicant and spill the blood.

Maa Maasani is the hurt of the mother. 

She be the unjust sacrifice of motherhood by the ignorance of self serving arrogance and power driven structures.

Oppression of the principle of motherhood by societal standards and patriarchal structures must be considered here… consider it if you will.

Maa Maasani stands for and is, the mothering-midwife-witch of ancient wild-womanly-wisdom.

For this ritual please have:
Strong drink.
A piece of paper & pen.
A black piece of thread or string.
* These things will be used as part of the Upaya (after ritual remedy) of healing the insults that weigh heavy and crushingly upon the sacred heart.

She has a sting,

she has fangs that consume injustice.

Worshiped on the descending Siddha Moon phase, or the Amavasya Tithi in the Nakshatra’s of the Scorpionic realm, or in the fierce celestial realms, such as Bhadrapad, Rudra and Jyeshta.

Also worshiped ritualisticly when the lunar nodes are in the Vrishchika (Scorpio) Vrishabh (Taurus) axis.

Generally when Scorpio or Saturn are strong, her energy is celestially in orbit… although the mother is always there for the child heart.

This ritual day of Monday the 13th of February 2023, is the half-dark Moon in Anuradha of the Scorpionic realm. It is the Nakshatra of devotion and commitment… Yes, Maa Maasani is committed to healing the insulted heart.. she be the devoted mother. 

This night is Kumbh Sankranti, that is when the sun moves into the Saturn ruled Rashi of Kumbh (Aquarius)… doubly potent as Saturn has recently transitioned into Kumbh, where it will stay for a 2.5 year period. Saturn is in Mool Trikon in Kumbh… this means that it is the place where Saturn is most empowered.
Saturn is the Karaka (revealer) of Karmic seed. We could say that Saturn is the gardener that waters the seeds of Karma.
The last time Saturn went to Aquarius was in 1993… for those old enough, it might be of interest to meditate upon what happened in that period, and relate any parallels to the upcoming period of Saturn transitioning into Aquarius on the 17th of January 2023.
This kind of meditation is how Yogins work practically with the Kaal Parush. Kaal Parush is an Astro-Tantric term that relates to the one who dwells timelessly within and beyond the zodiacal wheel.

Kumbh is the deep pot without end, full of the dark mysteries, secrets and things both forgotten, unforgetten, of things unforgiven… flowing yes with cosmic waters, but also possibly with stagnant depths.

That sums up Ma Massani’s ritual practice. She brings motherly flow to stagnant festering spirits that rot and creep in the graveyard of the soul. 

Hers are the Shamshan Mudras, (done from the grave)

In her ritual, we will go into some of the above mentioned themes.

And  most of all, we will study and work with that within us that has died and atrophied under the oppressive curse of insult, exploitation, repression and injustice.

We go into the grave in this ritual, and chant her Mantra from there.

From the womb of the tomb of love-forsaken doom.

From a wounded stench of a room… perfume rose can bloom.

From spinster and bachelor… to bride and groom.

A sweep of her broom… on this Moon… Ma Maasani looms.

Deep and in terror.. heals the heart of the great error.

Hara Ring

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1. January 2021