LALITA JAYANTI | 5.2. * Lalita’s cooling Lunar fire offers us a receptive, comforting place in which to melt sweetly into simple and innocent sweetness.







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Oh Lalita,

you stand outside the walls

of time and space

Your secret is that you are the walls,

and you are time and space itself

You are the one who waits where time and space meet,

The delicate power beyond compare.

To you we bow.

On the next full Moon of the eternally 16 year year old Goddess of fresh bubbling Shakti. We will meet for Tantric Goddess ritual.

Lalita’s cooling Lunar fire offers us a receptive, comforting place in which to melt sweetly into simple and innocent sweetness.

Lalita Jayanti is the annual full-Mooned-birthday of the Dashama Mahavidya Goddess of the triangular secrets.

The Dashama Mahavidyas are the 10 great wisdoms of Woman. Lalita is the forever fresh amongst them. She is the movement of the Moon and rules feminine lunar sway.

Lalita is known as Tripuria Sundari, The ‘one who is beautiful in the three worlds’.

Sundari means the ‘beautiful woman’ and Tripuri are the ‘three worlds’ (of the earthly, conscious & subconscious planes).

We will be ritually working with the triangle in this ritual by applying both inner and outer Mudra.

To the Tantric, a triangle is a potent symbol and tool. The horizontal expansion of the triangle, is the base that holds the opposite points of meeting together…. Therein lays the mystery of union that we will be investigating under the auspices of the full Moon of Lalita.

Lalita is the sweet receptive lunar energy known as Tejas, this is the cooling fire that balances the heating active solar energy of Agni.

Agni is the opposite of Tejas. When the heating fire that fuels our active actions and ambitions is not balanced with the cooling fire of Tejas, it can burn up the subtle and receptive power of both the spirit and body.

Both the hot and the cool fires are needed in the balance of existence. Hatha Yog can be defined as the attempt to balance these opposites.

Lalita is the stepping back

from the hot flames of physical & psychic fire,

so that more subtle & silent qualities

can come forth.

Lalita is the Goddess that helps us to find contentment in the simplicity of life.

Her cooling lunar fire burns sweet and cool.

The truly innocent sweet way of being might really be a forgotten secret in our lives. Our lives might sometimes give little space to the lunar fire of Lalita.

Her Moon day aligns with forces that support the sweet flame of being.

We will attempt to burn with in ever sweet flame of Lalita in this ritual.

Lalita’s Mantra’s, which we shall practice in this ritual, are soothing.

Her sacred sounds are the very opposite of her sister Bhairavi’s, which are heating.

Lalita’s Mantras are so cooling and softening, as to melt into the magical corners of our being.

Her Darshan(vision) of the simplicity of receptive being, can not be captured through the fires of ambition and urgency that may surround us.

Active energies and impulses may well be grabbing attention in our lives, but if Lalita is to reveal herself, such fires are to be balanced and cooled so as to make way for her.

Hers is the sun that has been cooled by the feminine night forces. Her seat rests upon a lotus flower that grows out of the Nabi Chakra (navel) of Shiva.

The forces of fire are implied by this lotus emanating from the fire Chakra of Shiva.

Lalita is the cooling Moonfire of Tejas that sits atop the hot fire of Agni.

Lalita’s beauty is the Soma (cooling Moon fluid) which is alchemically produced though the union of Agni and Tejas.

Poems and scriptural verse describe Lalita as having a milky complexion, along with full breasts and a smile that can break the trance of Shiva’s concentrated meditation.

She is the alluring beauty of lunar promise.

She is the beauty

of the third element

hidden between

the extremes of opposites.

Lalita has a twilight gaze! When night and day unite they create the mystical magic of twilight. When Rajas and Bindu unite – that is, the red blood and egg of the woman with the white seed of the man – then they create Soma, which is life. This is the secret of Shakti Shiva on all planes.

This Tantric law of circuitry holds true on all levels of divided opposites in all the worlds.

Tripuri Lalita, as she is called, means the one who is beautifully delicate and soft in the three worlds.

Tripuri Lalita is the Beauty of these three worlds of Rajas, Bindu and Soma.

For this, she is known as Raj Rani or Rajeshwari, which means ‘Queen of Kings and Kingdoms’.

She represents Mata, the subject.

She represents Mana, the instrument.

She represents Maya, the object.

These three M’s represent the secret of all yogic investigations. Upon this full Moon night, we shall attempt to approach Lalita, and listen close as she approachs us… like as a moonlit mirror, reflecting the deepest, softest and most magical beauty of all.

This ritual night is very much about reclaiming the innocence of receptive being, just like a child in the arms of the great mother, receiving nourishing Moon milk.

The ritual worship of Lalita is softening and melting to the places of psychic and physical tension. Lalita touches us with the hand that relieves rigidity.

Lalita is the end of all struggle and self-proving. She be the great nourishing respite and the secret of beauty.

Not an imposing made-up beauty that flaunts and sells itself, but hers is a beauty seen only by the cooling lunar eye, the eye that sees beyond the fires that burn the soul’s vision.

Lalita’s voice is powerful in its silence, her voice is so powerful that it is heard only in the power of receptive lunarly softness.

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