KALRATRI DEVI | 02.10. * Kalratri Devi is the Goddess who initiates us into the Rahu energy within ourselves.




saNDAY THE 2nd OF octoBER


23:00 – 00:00 CEST

22:00 – 23:00 GMT

12:00 – 01:00 BG

17:00 – 18:00 NYC


Kalratri Devi,
Mother and daughter of a darker night.
Queen of the the forces of fear,
You are the step into the unseen and unseeable,
Initiatoress of the unseen underworlds that we fear,
‘Tis you who opens that which is sealed and closed
by revealing secrets yet unglimpsed.
To you we bow


Kalratri Devi is the Goddess
who initiates us into the Rahu energy within ourselves.

Her ritual themes include:

Magical spiritual phenomena.
Undoing pacts.
Drugs & Alcohol.

Kalratri Devi rules the 7th night of the Moon in the series of Navaratri dark nights of the Goddess.

This night is dedicated to the most fearsome one of all… Kalratri.

Nature is at its angriest and hungriest today in the scale of churning anger.

Her force rises from the subterranean depths.

This churning in the depths, carries the potential of turning poison into medicine

Tantrics consider it to be a potent night for working with hunger and the latent and repressed forces of the subconscious.

Depression and resignation is a form of anger that’s fallen under the surface,

On the other hand, agitation and being overly driven by cause and emotion, is a form that anger takes when not internalised in the heart of the Goddess within.

Each underground poison
is a medicine when the alchemy of shadow
and light is faced and churned.

The shadow planet Rahu is the death crusher who eats the sun with his ever hungry gaping mouth.

Kalratri Deviis the queen of Rahu.

The dark realms without light
are walked by Goddess Kalratri on this Night..

Evoking Kalratri Devi ritualistically on her dark night, can bring us the courage and mystic potency to walk in the unseen realms.

This nights ritual is a Tantric investigation into the connection between darkness and fear.

Kalratri Devi is the mistress of the unknown and unknowable.

She rides us into mystery upon Donkey back.



We will go through the nine nights of Nava Ratri
In honour the Nava (nine) Tantric Goddesses.
Devotional Grah Shanti ritual of the Nava Grah.
Grah Shanti is the practice of healing the
feminine reception of the 9 planets within us.
Inner planetary healing can melt frozen states
of consciousness & liberate us from afflictions.

The nine nights of Navaratri take us through a planetary story of the feminine force of Shakti… Blooming like a rose in a yearning midnight garden.

Lovers of the Goddess in all her forms, are welcomed to this 9 night long ritual of Goddess worship.

The Goddess comes in many forms. She is the mother, sister, friend and lover.

Oh and she is the mystery.

The Tantric honours the Goddess in all her aspects.

Each of the Navaratri nights of the Goddess, is an initiation into the feminine expressions of the 9 planets.

These 9 Tantric planetary rituals attempt to align to subtle energies that nature presents to us on earth at this astrologicaly aligned annual junction.

Navaratri is a time of honouring the Goddess through performing Grah Shanti.

Grah Shanti is the Yogic practice of balancing the planetary energies within the heart, mind, body and soul.

Tantric Navaratri ritual works with practices that pertain to each particular aspect of the ninefold Goddess of eternity.

We will align to the subtle astral forces through the intermediary of the 9 Goddesses of the night forces known as Nava Devi.

The Nava Devi are each embodiments of the nine planetary maneuvers that take place astrally at this time.

We will take 9 nights to work with the planetary energies that possess the soul.

A planet is called a Grah by the Yogins.

Collectively known as the Navagrah (nine planets). Grah literally means ‘that which pulls us out of our seat.

What is the seat of the soul?

When a Grah pulls us, we do not see from a place of union, but rather are pulled into participation in the dualities, dramas of dreams of a disempowering reality.

Such dreams and dramas have no reality when we are sat in the seat of our soul…

Oh but they can seem altogether too real to us when we are involved in the midst of them.

The Tantric voyage is a path of gradually bringing awareness and healing to the unconscious ‘realities’ that wrap the soul in dreams and dramas of unreality.

The potential for resolving our inner Karmic-constellations exists when we learn the Karmic lessons that the planets present to us.

Navaratri is such a ritual time of inner healing… by going into the inner feminine reception of the Navagrah (nine planets)

We learn these lessons of destiny by integrating and resolving any unconscious knots of energy that bind the sacred heart.

All are welcome to this 9 night-long ritual initiation into the 9 planetary Goddesses of the night forces.

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

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1. January 2021