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Jyeshta means the eldest.

She is a Goddess connected to ancient wisdom, and on this night the dark Moon creates an internal vortex in her realm, and draws us into the depths with the descending tide.

The dark Moon, at the same time becomes a vacuum that draws out the unconscious energies of the Nakshatra that it is in.

Ancient wisdom may sound like something very exulted, grand & beautiful, but Jyestha is also the place of underground poisons that have toxified with ancient years gone by.

Alchemical work with the ancient poisons of the soul is very much the work in Jyestha Nakshatra.

Jyeshta appears as the dried out old hag, without, tooth, breast or blood. She is angry, power-hungry, jealous and quarrelsome.

Hateful curses and revenge are brewed in her breast.

But she is a mistress of Moha (deception and allure).

She promises power, and she gets power by her art of strategy and attack.

In this nights ritual, we will investigate the Jyeshta within ourselves.

The power that Jyeshta gets through the violent handling of poisonnis what poisons her.

Jyesthta is the energy within us that hurts ourselves and others when not handled alchemically.

Ancient poisons are the strongest… they can poison the most.
But when Jyestha energy is worked with, and the poisons are distilled, then she becomes the wise elder of profound wisdom, protection & Compassion.

We will be working ritualistically with the forces of the lunar mansion of Jyestha, where the Moon will be positioned this night.

We will delve into poison and attempt medicinal alchemy of soul.

Each Nakshatra has a deity that dwells there.

It is worth mention that Indra presides in Jyeshta.

He is the king of Devalokh, but he works with the poison of Jyeshta.

He is ever at war, thinking that his seat will be taken by another, and so he is occupied with strategy and attack. 

This leaves him psychically exhausted, for which he needs to hoard Soma. 

But Soma makes him drunk, as he is in a deep inner battle between his destructive tendencies and being a dignified king.

He uses one of his ‘weapons’ of Indrajala to spread illusion and hide his real motives and poisoned inner self.

Indra is the sick king with the potential of dignity.

The Indra within us is the one who chooses between destruction or love.

The teaching stories show, time and again, how Indra payed the price of his poison and fearful defense.

In this ritual, we will work with the alchemy of the soul and look into our own ancient poisons with honesty and courage.

We will invoke and evoke the forces of Jyestha through her Bija Mantras and Mudra practices. Jyestha Mudras are not, sweet, holy or pretty at all, but they have a profound ability to access stagnant toxic areas of soul, and turn poison into the elixiral remedy of love.

The deep teaching of Jyestha is that

”In the end, love is the only remedy that works”

Kundalini Shakti can go everywhere, but without love it really goes nowhere.

We will attempt to look at how the miserable poisonous hag of Jyeshta is a drop away from the elixir of love.

The Tantric nurtures her envy and struggle unto love.

It may not be easy, but it is possible.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Posted on

1. January 2021