DWIMUKHA GANAPATI PUJA – 10.03*. Tantric ritual of Dwimukha Ganapati… the double headed form of Ganesh.




22:00 – 23:00 CET
21:00 – 22:00 GMT
23:00 – 00:00 EET
16:00 – 17:00 NYC 

Ganesh is worked with by Tantric’s upon each monthly Chaturthi Tithi (4th lunar night).

This night will be the 4th night of darkening descent and the last monthly Ganesh Chaturthi of the season where the nights are still longer than the days.

We will attempt the Tantric ritual of Dwimukha Ganapati.. This is the double headed form of Ganesh who teaches about the conjoining of dualities.

He is a Tantric form of Ganesh that meditated upon the dualisms inherent in the Tangible elements. For example, fire can walk and sooth, but also can it burn and agitate. Vayu can be steady as I. The flow of Prana, or it can be the erraticism of disturbed Vayu.
water can nourish but it can drown, and earth can be stable and solid but also rocky and unfootable.

There are endless dualities to study in the 4 tangible elements, and Dwimukha Ganaoati is the teacher who reveals the balance inherent in the extreme expressions of the elemental universe.

The study of dualisms in the elements opens a doorway to the soul. The tangible has its intangible reflection… just as tge two heads of the double headed deity Dwimukha Ganapati mirror tge extenes of manifestation.

We will perhaps be attempting Madhyama style of internal Mantra I. This ritual. This is a type of Mantra utterance that is commonly thought of as whispering, but Madhyama also has another aspect of internalising some syllables on the in-breath.
Such Mantra done in combination with Mantra on the out-breath can bring the hidden and revealed faces into a meeting with each other.

Ganesh has two primary aspects that wonderfully convey this principle of the hidden and the revealed meeting.
Vygna Harta is the one who removes obstacles, this is the power of Ganesh to clear Karmic blocks. 
Vygna Karta is the one who creates obstacles, this is the power of Ganesh to make us aware of the ovstacles that stand in the way of love…

Moksh is often called liberation.
The word liberation has many connotations that are worth to ponder. 
The all-embracing expansion of Ganesh…  is the love that liberates from the battle between dualities.
Moksh is love.

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1. January 2021