DEV DIWALI | 07.11. * This ritual night is also known as Tripur Purnima, which translates as the night of the 3 worlds.






20:00 – 22: 00 CET
19:00 – 21:00 GMT
21:00 – 23:00 BG
14:00 – 16:00 NYC

This is the Diwali of the spirit world.

This night is known amongst other names as Dev Diwali.

It is said to be a time when the goddesses and gods rejoice and pour forth blessings to us on earth.

We had our earthly Diwali on the last dark Moon, but now we come to the opposite pole of the full Moon.

We will gather to ritualise the Diwali of the celestial subtle world.

This ritual night is also known as Tripur Purnima, which translates as the night of the 3 worlds.

The eternal Yogi Shiva, lives in the soul of every lover of unity, and awakens to his true vision on this night.

Shiva comes into his power on this night as an alignment happens between the 3 worlds of the unconscious, ultra-conscience and the earth between.

This alignment on the astral plane intersects with the 3 phases of breathing that are worshipped and investigated upon this ritual night by Tantrics.

The story tells us that the spirit world on this night becomes eclipsed by the 3 metals of iron, gold and silver.

In the above picture we see Shiva with his bow which is known as Pinaka.

He is pictured taking aim at the 3 eclipsing cities of iron, gold and silver.

His bow reveals the 3 movements of breath:

The drawing back of the arrow represents the inhalation.
The focus and aim represents the pause between breaths or the retention.
The release of the arrow is the exhalation.

LOHA (Iron)

Iron represents the pause between breaths, or the effort to retain and concentrate on the place between.
Iron is the strongest terrestrial metal, linked to the planet Saturn, the master of Karmic storage and the underworld.

SOHNA (Gold)

Gold represents the inhalation.
Gold is linked to the consciousness of the earthly plane

CHANDI (Silver)

Silver represents the exhalation.
Silver is the metal of the ultra-terrestrial realms

The Tantric Yogins work with the breath and recognise that the pause between the breaths is a doorway to inner mysteries and the hidden realms of unconsciousness.

On this night, we will worship and work with the connection between the 3 metals of the the 3 worlds, and the 3 phases of breathing.

When any or all of these 3 realms become eclipsed to whatever degree, then the sacred heart is also eclipsed.

Shiva is the soul. He be the eternal Tantric of union and stands and sits in honour of the sacred heart.

With the secrets of breath, on this night, Shiva heals the eclipsed sacred heart in all the 3 worlds.

Like many Yogins have before, we will take the stance of Shiva the lover, and stand and sit for the sacred heart.

For this ritual, have 3 objects upon your ritual altar that represent iron, gold
and silver.
It might be the actual metals, or it might be something that symbolises them.
Iron can be something dark and heavy. Gold can be a piece of jewellery or
even a sweet wrapper.
Silver can be silver spoon or even a piece of kitchen foil.

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

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1. January 2021