AUTUMN EQUINOX | 23.09. * This night’s ritual will be a healing voyage into the art of balance and transition




20:00 – 22:00 CET
19:00 – 21:00 GMT
21:00 – 23:00 BG
14:00 – 16:00 NYC

The Autumn Equinox is an annual cosmological event when the night and day are of equal length.

The words balance and transition sum up the Equinox.

This night’s ritual will be a healing voyage into the art of balance and transition.

The Autumn Equinox will shift the poles and the nights will thereafter begin to be longer than the days.

The introverting season of climbing into the womb of nature is upon us.

Equinox of Autumn is Tantricly
known as Ardhanareshwar Puja.
The night forces now cross the balance
& expand into of nature’s womb, promising to reveal
the hidden unity in the meeting of opposites
‘Tis the ritual of the androgynous deity
who brings a state of balance.


In this evening’s healing ritual with the alchemical formulas of Tantra, we will attempt to contact the balance of our inner opposites… of dark and light, left and right, full and empty, receptive and active, woman and man.

The place where opposite meet is the real of magic and union.

This realm is given potency in the equinoctial twilight of the year.

But, what is balance and how can we find it?

To answer this, let us become aware of the characteristics of the opposites existing within us.

By identifying the character of our own unique dualities, we build a magnetic connection between them – this is at the core of Tantric practice.

In our human world, we see the opposites starkly present in the forces of day and night, and in the dualities of gender.

Opposites however, are not always clear cut things.

Female & male divisions are often socially constructed and culturally relative.

Ancestral & Societal stereotypes of gender
can impose constraint on the androgyny of the soul.

Relinquishing the cultural and ancestral imprints that we carry and attach to gender becomes a way to inner balance on the path of Tantra.

The equinoctial union and transition is a rite of passage in Tantra that is sacred to the androgynous one.

The shift of nature is coming, but this point stands poised in balance, just before the receptive night forces tip the balance over the forces of the light. Now the dark season of nights longer than days comes.

We will be entering into the point between the dualities and ritualistically honouring that which is passing, and that which is coming.



The equinoctial night and day of balance belongs to the sacred androgen known as Ardhanareshwar

Ardha implies ‘halves’ and Nareshwar implies ‘the sacred union of opposites’.

The perfect balance of opposites is expressed in the form of the half woman/man deity.

We have a being here that embodies androgyny on both physical and psychic levels.

In Ardhanareshvar, we find the mystical balance of the things that are usually exclusive to each other.

The solidity & softness of body
is a merging of opposites
in a physical sense.

The heart & mind kissing each other
is a merging of opposites
in a spiritual sense.

The receptive creative feeling faculty, balanced with the agility to move within established mental constructs, could be said to bring the opposites together on the psychic level of our being.

The Equinoctial ritual work with Ardhanareshvar is about becoming aware of our own particular expression of halves.

A perhaps self-confronting work that can reveal our imbalanced tendencies and also our underlying desires for unity.

Ardhanareshvar ultimately represents an embodied healing energy of balancing and unifying the disparate parts within ourselves.


Please have open your altar two things that you consider to be opposites.
It may me two pieces of paper with words that you feel to be opposites.

We will meet at mystical twilight for an age old Yogic ritual of attempting to find the place where dark and light embrace.

In the union of spirit and body, we will work with what Tantra calls the Ardha Mudras.

These are the inner and outer practices that make us aware of halves, and how wholeness is the merging of things that seem opposite in nature.

We will be addressing our notions of woman and man, and dark and light.

Looking into and taking back the projections invested upon these halves of the whole.

Union is Yog, union is love. Yog is the attempt to move into the sacred heart.

This nights ritual will be given as a gift for all sincere souls who walk the path of duality and union.

This practice is to be done in as dark a room as possible, preferably with the absence of electric light.

Leaving the ritual is not recommended as the group energy we together on the subtle plane is cut, and affects the whole group.
Only join if you can commit to two hours of Yogic ritual.

A rubber Yoga Mat is not recommended for this ritual, rather a few layers of thick soft blankets.

If you would like to create this ritual, please send an email to

The online link will be sent to you shortly before beginning.

Hara Ring


Posted on

1. January 2021