HOLI | 18.3. * This Yogic full Moon ritual will be a focused upon working with the colours and sounds of the Chakras.





20:00 – 22:00 CET

19:00 – 21:00 GMT

21:00 – 23:00 BG


Holi marks the arrival of Spring

and the colours of life & love,

ready to come into flower,

in a place where stories

are not only written, but lived.

This Yogic full Moon ritual will be a focused upon working with the colours and sounds of the Chakras.

Each Chakra has a colour and a tone that it resonates to. By working with colour and sound in the Chakras, we access the undercurrents that inform our experience of life and love.

Working with the Chakras is a way to balance and heal conditions of body, heart, mind and soul.

Chakra can be translated a spinning wheel.

The Chakras can be said to spin our personal reality into being.

The Chakras are also called Padma’s, which means a flower or a lotus bloom. The growth of the flowers of the Chakras is the scenting of the garden of Love.

Holi is the festival of colours that has become known worldwide in recent years.

On Holi people play a game where they throw colored powders, or water mixed with different coloured powders upon each other.

The festival of Holi is usually understood as the celebration of life and colour, but what does this fun filled festivity of playful games signify for Tantrics?

Nature at this time begins

to affect the hormonal currents

as flowering abounds

in the plant, animal, human & spiritual worlds

Tantric ritual traditionally has kept Holi for the practice of working with colour and sound. The intonations of each Chakra, along with inner and outer work with colours is ritualised in a colourful and enlivening practice of awakening to Life and Love.
The effect of these practices is to open the potentialities of the Chakras… like colourful blooms of love.

The Chakras are doorways to the spirit,

and can be accessed with the keys of sound & colour.

Working with the Chakras becomes a way to open up

the psycho-physical doorways of our being.

Energetic, emotional and physical memory can be stored in the Chakras, and give shape to the reality and dreams we live through in our lives.

The energetics of the Chakras inform our experiences by creating an aura-like lens through which we live.

For Tantrics, the Chakras are lenses.

through which we create our lives.

The Chakras house our Karmic imprints and can create a resonant magnetic forcefield that perpetuates itself.

Tantra is an art and science of delving into the energetics and the lenses that create our reality.

What is reality beyond the Karmic lens?


Please note:

For this ritual you will require seven pieces of paper that represent the rainbow of the colour spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

You may be creative and use scarfs or colour-in upon pieces of paper.

We will be engaging in some powerfully healing Tantric Mudra of colour, known as Rangi Mudra – literally the practices and attitudes of colour.

Musicians and artists of the soul

are welcomed to partake in this

ritualistic gathering and celebration

of colour, sound, life and love.

By working with the Chakras, we create the possibilities to open to the spring like blooms of love and uproot the dead and faded bouquets of yesteryear… in the healing journey of life that we are all upon.

There awaits the possibility of magical and hitherto unknown mystical tones when we open the doorways of the Chakras into the melody of expansive resonant being.

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


Posted on

1. January 2021