GANESH JAYANTI | 4.2. * This ritual night is concerned with foundations and grounding




Friday the 4th of February

20:00 – 22:00 CET

19:00 – 21:00 GMT

21:00 – 23:00 BG


Ganesh brings earthy harvest in life

if the roots that he presides over are honoured and watered.

This ritual night will be a concentrated prayerful attempt

to find the roots of our being and nourish them through

aligning to the earthly currents of Elephant power.

This ritual night is concerned with foundations and grounding.

Ganesh Jayanti is the ritual day of birth of the eternally 8 year old elephant headed child Ganesh. Known broadly as the remover of obstacles, Ganesh is strength and foundational force. Evoking Ganesh gives the firm and sure elephant step to our soul to cross the Karmic waves of life and love.

He is the Earth deity that guards the doorway of earth power. He offers grounding and fullness. His weight is healing to the unrooted and uprooted sensitivities of awareness. Ruler of the 4 tangible physical elements, he brings stability to that which is empty and unstable.

The Moon energy of the Full and New Moon is potent for the first 3 nights and then on the 4th day its effects start to subside. This subsiding corresponds to a subsiding of psychic tension/magnetism within us that is pronounced and potent at the extremes of the New and Full lunar expressions.

The subsiding of inner psychic magnetism brings with is a state of psychic instability and uncertainty, hence the solidity of the Elephant energy is invoked on the Chaturthi days.

Ganesh is honoured by Tantrics on the Chaturthi day each month.

In Tantric cosmology this Chaturthi Moon day is said to be amongst the Rikt Tithis, which means it is a empty Moon phase, Rikt Moons present a psychically destabilizing, when vulnerability and a feeling of vulnerable nakedness is marked. Ganesh is a full energy, he is stability in instability.

The grounding elephant ritual is undertaken to remedy Rikt (emptiness), and discover the fullness of of spirit in the manifest earthly realm.


This ritual will be a magical focused undertaking of grounding our forces into the roots of earthly being.

When the foundation is as heavy, solid and grounded as an elephant, then the branches of our being can grow wild and free… giving the fruit of the sacred heart. This is the law of harvest that applies to both of earthly and spiritual fruits upon the tree of life and love.

By stirring up latent psychic forces, spiritual practices can uproot and expose us to our inner patterns and structures This is there the foundational power of Ganesh is brought into the picture to show us if the patterns and structures of our innermost being can really be a foundation upon which our life and love can stand.

The word Laghoo refers to a yogic aspirant, Laghoo means an expansive and ethereal expression of lightness.

But without the weight of the Base chakra that is presided over by the Elephant God Ganesh – the forces of our being can become dispersed in lightness of being.

Upon this ritual day and night, since aeons long, the Tantrics have reserved a ritual of Jayanti for the rooting and nourishing weight of Ganesh.

A Jayanti is a ritual time of birthing, and this particular Jayanti ritual day is dedicated to birthing the rooted elephant power of the Base Chakra.

”Seek ye first the foundation and all things shall be added” this axiom is a reminder that the fruit is only as sweet as the roots are deep.

‘When Ganesh is happy he raises his trunk and flaps his ears’

This happiness of which the Yogins speak, is the ascent of the Kundalini serpent, represented by the Trunk of Ganesh.

Ganesh is the grand Chakravatin, this means the one upon who the whole system of the Chakras spins upon.

The constellation of all the Chakras orbits around the base.

The seat of Ganesh is the Mooladhar Chakra.

Mool means root and Adhar is the base.

The base of our being, when weighed in the heavy and steady power of the elephant, creates a foundation, upon which all the Chakras spin.

Spiritual fruits in life go with a recognition of earthly roots.

All those who would tread the slow and steady paced path of Elephant power – void of sky-walking and wishful emptiness – are welcomed to celebrate the birth of the Earth Guardian Ganesh.

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


Posted on

1. January 2021