NITYA DEVI | 27.01. * This lunar day is connected to the Vayu air element and has a very expansive psychic spacious quality



Goddess of Psychic Space





Dashami Tithi

Thursday the 27th of January

20:00 – 22:00 CET

19:00 – 21:00 GMT

21:00 – 23:00 BG


Dashami Tithi is the 10th lunar day. This lunar day is connected to the Vayu air element and has a very expansive psychic spacious quality.

Yogic wisdom tells us that the tendency to disperse energy and circle in illusions, subtleties and confusions is highlighted upon this day.

The Goddess of this Moon phase is Nitya Devi. Her name means the dancing Goddess of eternity

She holds the Pasha (noose) with which she gives the teaching and blessing of harnessing stray psychic energies.

Nitya Devi also holds the Kapala (skull) which is a reminder of the crown and it’s connection to the cosmic tides.

Eternity is a place where we can get lost, unfocused and dissolved.

Nitya Devi takes us into eternity with the sober focus of Love.

The potential use of the energy of this Moon face is profound when it is focussed.

Metaphysical spiritual insights, focus and clarity is the gift of working with this Moon day.

This is a Moon day for binding stray psychic energies and focusing them all in one place. The place of the Yogins is Love.

Stray psychic energies can wander into confused ungrounded zones, and move us away from intuition, insight and focus on the sacred heart.

Intuition and emotionally driven confusion can sometimes require a fine discernment to separate from each other.

Confused mental energy can reach a point of clarity when the expansive wandering thought process is gathered together through ritual focus.

When psychic energy is focussed it can lead to creative potential as opposed to daydreaming, wasting energy, or merely circulating in high ideals.

There are inner Mudras in Tantra that take the mind into some strange experiences of things such as alternate realities and past lives.

Things such as experiences of concurrent time zones and parallel universes can come about when we apply the Mudras applicable to the energy of Dashami, but by focusing the etheric tides we ground them in the sacred heart.

The Yogic rituals of this Moon day work with the the two opposite poles of expansion and constriction. We will apply the Pasha (noose) Mudras that encourage the gathering together of psychic force.

The 10th Moon day is the day when Vayu (the air element) is at its strongest, hence this is a time when the breath is concentrated and separated and conjoined between the upper and lower portions of the Torso.

Vayu is refined until it turns to Praan (subtle wind)


For this rituals Mudra practice, please have a piece of rope.

A belt, scarf, or a children’s skipping rope are ideal.

The ruling deity of the Tamasic unfocused Dashami Tithi is Yamaraja.

He is also know as Dharamaraja, (the lord of proper action)

He be the lord of justice and binding, who just like Nitya Devi, holds the Pasha (noose) of Saturnian binding constriction.

The symbolism of Yamaraja as the ruling deity of this Moon phase becomes clear when we consider his role in binding stray Karmic forces to one point of Destiny.

Yamaraja is the meeting with our Destiny,

Sometimes the forces of our spirit may wander down so many avenues that our destiny is lost sight of.

In this ritual we will honour Destiny.

We will be gathering stray psychic forces and focusing the power of our Shakti life force towards the vision of the Yogins.

That vision is the Love

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


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1. January 2021