SWEET MOON | 02.01. NEW MOON * The first ritual of the year concerns the Moon phase of brewing creative love so sweet.



Goddess of the sweet pot of elixir

The Astrology of Lunar Days


Pratipada Tithi

Sunday the 2nd of January
20:00 – 22:00 CET
19:00 – 21:00 GMT
21:00 – 23:00 BG

Sweetness is so very sacred

The first ritual of the year concerns the Moon phase of brewing creative love so sweet.

This Yogic ritual will be the beginning of a study into the ritualistic work with each of the Moon days.

The ancient Yogins viewed the Moon as moving through various dances. Each one of these ever changing Moon dances are assigned to a Devi (Goddess).

She moves through each of the 15 Moon faces in the waxing and waning dance of eternity. This dance is known to Yogins as Nitya, which translates as the dance of eternity.

Each of the 15 Nitya Devi Goddesses of the eternal Moon dance, embodies and transmits the energy and teaching of her particular lunar day.

In this ritual, we will practically study the magical application of working with the first lunar face.

Aligning ourselves with the dance of nature is Tantra.

This ritual will go on to present a magical home practice that will help us to further align ourselves with each of the Moon days.

Each lunar day is known as a Tithi and carries its own particular energy in 15 points of dance.

In the astrology of the Yogins, the Tithi is considered of importance when working magically with our life force.
By the study of the perpetual dance of the soul, we see ourselves reflected in the the rhythms of nature. The lunar mirror communicates in a magical language.

By meditating and working with the Mudras of each of the Goddesses of the Moon dance, we come to magically align our spirit with the eternal dance of nature.

Each of the 15 Moon Goddesses has her unique Mudra, Asan and Mantra practices.
When we look at the planetary forces, codes and symbolism of each Goddess, we get hints into the spirit that nature is presenting on her day.

This year of ancient Tantric practices will ritually begin by investigating the significance of the first of the lunar days.

On this first ritual of the year of Love (2022 adds up to 6, which is the number Venus), we will start with the first lunar day of the rising phase of the year. The first lunar day is popularly known as the new Moon, and follows the Amvasya (dark Moon)

This is the first New Moon in the season of lengthening days following the solstice. The energy of this Moon phase known as Pratipada Tithi, which translates as the point of brewing creativity.

What do you envision to create?

Could this really be the year of Love?

What more is there than Love?

The Vision of the Yogins sees that there is nothing more than Love!

The Tantrics tune into nature and align to the dance of the 15 Devi’s (Goddesses) of Moon. The Yogic practices of aligning to each of the 15 Moon Goddesses, form a map that the Tantrics have applied to their devotions since time immemorial.

On the first rising day after the dark Moon, the fire starts to externalise, and on the first day of descent after the full Moon, the fire starts to internalise.

The action of the Manipur Chakra (solar plexus) is ignited on this Moon face.
In Yogic medicine, herbs and remedies that support and strengthen the solar plexus are taken. Some of these will be discussed in the ritual.

The Guna (quality) of the Moon day of Pratipada Tithi is Rajasic (fiery) This is the energy of transition from one state to another and the beginning of a new cycle.


On this first night following the dark Moon, we will undertake the Tantric practices that ritualise the first new Moon of the natural New Year.

Kameshwari is the Devi (Goddess) who carries the bow of sugarcane and the pot of sweetest nectar. Her secret lays hidden beneath the surface reality, and bubbles beautifully in the brewing creative force of desire. Hers is a sweetness unparalleled in the three worlds.

For your ritual altar on this night, please have a pot of water mixed with some sugar or honey.
please also have something sweet on your altar. This Moon phase is very much about working with the Sweet taste and the pot of eternal lunar elixir.

Under the lunarly auspices of the sweet Goddess Kameshwari, we will meet on the first Pratipada Tithi of the natural year at the usual time. We will work with the Madhur Rasa (sweet taste).

The sweetness of the goddess Kameshwari is the essence within all love and desire. All movements and sentiments that relate to love and desire come from the sweet place of Kameshwari…
Hers is a place so sweet, her taste inspires first impulse.

This ritual will be a lunar invocation to welcome the new phase of the rising year with a sweet taste in body, heart, mind and soul.


The first ritual of 2022, we will be the the first Pratipada Moon day of the waxing Phase. This is is the ignition of fire and the flame.

In this ritual we will work with the first Moon day of the natural new year and look at how to kindle and care for the sweet aspect of creative force of life.

The slither of the Moon as we see in the picture is the creative beginning of Moon fire.

In Yogic science, and many rites of the Indian culture, new beginnings are often initiated by offerings of sweet things.

The Sweetest offering we can give is Love.
The magical, healing beautiful power of love will the ritual.

This is a Moon face of establishing beginnings.

We see in the symbolism of the Goddess Kameshwari that she holds a vessel of elixir. The Moon on the first day of Pratipada offers a full pot of elixir that is available to work with in the month. This is a pot of creative power of life force. The first lunar day is one of being reflective about our resources of sweetness for the opening month.

The beginning is a time of brewing creativity and kindling the flame of life.

The whole lunar Month of rising begins on the first day of Pratipada. This nights Moon Goddess Kameshwari the sweet goddess, imparts the taste that is the secret behind all creativity.

She is Sweet, She is Sweet, She is Sweet.

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1. January 2021