SURYA GRAHN SOLAR ECLIPSE – 20.4. * Tantric’s recognise the Eclipse as a time of Rahu the consumeR.






22:00 – 23:00 CEST
21:00 – 22:00 GMT
23:00 – 00:00 EEST
13:00 – 14:00 PST

The solar eclipse is soon upon us.

Tantric’s recognise the Eclipse as a time of Rahu the consumer. He is the hungry head that eats the sun as shown in the above illustration.

Rahu is the grand vampire that takes, but gives not in return.

Having more taken from us than we are returned is not the balance of love, it is the vampiric spell of Rahu.

Giving more than we can is to be the victim of the grand vampire Rahu.

The Surya Grahn (solar eclipse) is a time of studying the eclipse of our active power.

We are move into the pit of beautifully healing darkness.

Rahu is the name given to the Northern lunar node. In Yogic symbology. He is the hungry head that consumes, consumes, and consumes once again.

Have you ever felt like a head without a body ?

Rahu is just that. He is a head divorced from body.

Think on thinking.

Think on computer screens

Think on food for thought (perhaps delicious, perhaps sickening)

Think and think and think once again.

Rahu is going, but not looking where one is going.

He is eating, without considering what one is eating


Traditionally the Eclipse is a time when our ancestors would stay inside and not venture outside. Mundane activities would be left to rest and one would rather take to spiritual focus in times of eclipse.

These things are slowly being forgotten and classified as a mere superstition by a a modernity that overshadows the language and wisdom that nature is whispering.

By being sensitive to nature, we are being sensitive to our inner currents of feeling.

This is natural wisdom.

At solar eclipses, this energy of Rahu is strongest. Yogic stories tell us how he is a retrograde shadow that gobbles up the sun.

Active power and expression is eclipsed in the cosmos and reflected in the microcosm we are. The solar eclipse offers a teaching of surrendering unto incapacitated expression. When we can’t move out we either batter our head against a door, or else we move deeply inward.

Moving deeply inward is the gift of Rahu.


On eclipses the sources that feed our impulses and patterns of hunger and consumption arise and are brought to view if we cast a concentrated eye upon the inner life.

Consumption tastes nice most probably?

more more and more! but the price is to be balanced.

Consuming can wound.

This ritual is an ancient Tantric investigation into the nature of hunger and feasting.

Feasting is good, but bloating can hurt and even pop.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


Posted on

1. January 2021