Between Birth & Death?


20:00 – 22:00 CET
19:O0 – 22:00 GMT
21:00 – 23:00 EET
14:O0 – 16:00 NYC

*A recording will be made available,
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The Kankala Danda is the skeleton stick of time with which Bhairav measures each beat of our heart before we meet our death.

Time is our creation, yet we in turn are created by Time.

By undoing our creations, an unknown perspective on reality and on Life may reveal itself to us.

By studying and challenging our conceptions of Time, the stick of timeless power comes into our hands.

This Half darkening Moon night is the a Monthly Moon of Kaal Bhairav Ashtami. A time when the darkest, most terrifying Saturnian aspects of underground Karma are Tantricly worked with.

In this ritual, we will work with a physical and psychic stick though various Mudras.
Kankala Mudras involve a confrontation with time. Time itself is actually always confronting us, though we might not be aware of it.

Please make sure to have one with you for the ritual – you may use a broom or a wand (if you have one).

Yogis, wizards and witches have been famous for wielding wands and magic broom sticks. Tantra has many practices that involve the use of a stick as a healing tool.

It is a great blessing to be struck by the stick of the great teacher Kaal Bhairav. He is Time – the most constricting of teachers. The Kankala Danda it is at once the stick of time and the stick of death. The Kankala Danda is a deep study of the mysteries of time.
What are the mysteries of time?

To hold the stick of power is to know the power of time – including its very illusion. Bhairav brings us to our power by helping us face our responsibility for the ways in which we choose, consciously or not, how to spend our time.. He shows us that the slightest maneuvers have the biggest impacts when they are well timed. The awareness of life goes hand in hand with the awareness of death. And with awareness comes responsibility.

To know time is to know Bhairav. Time is at once pregnant with the fragrance of life, and rotting with the stench of death. By looking into both life & death simultaneously, we start to awaken from a deathly sleep. If Bhairav is anything, he is reality itself. By going beyond the illusory astral constrictions that is are our Karma to cross, we come to the constrictions of reality.

This will be a strong ritual in honour of Bhairav and his Kankala Danda . This night’s ritual will be an initiation into working with the Kankala Danda Mudras, healing our relationship with time and that which lies beyond time. Those who feel the weight of time and find that time is seeping by in rushing and fulfilling duties may find spending time in this ritual work of value. Bhairav’s stance stands not as the victim of circumstances. He stands eternally in spiritual timelessness… while living in the midst of the realm of time.

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Posted on

1. January 2021