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Ahoi Ashtami

Annual Half Moon of Forgiveness

Under the sacred Moon

of Ahoi Mata, the Goddess

of forgiveness and protection,

may we forgive ourselves and all.

May all forgive.


Thursday the 28th of October

20:00 – 22:00 CEST | 19:00 – 21:00 GMT | Zoom

The spiritual path begins and ends with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a profound thing.
When something has energetically wounded us, we might protect the wound by holding on.
When we don’t let go and forgive, we cover the wound which then can’t heal.

To forgive is a profound thing because it requires us to take off the bandages of grief and grudge and expose the wound nakedly.

Forgiving can be a very painful to do as we have to revisit the wound. The wound may be many layers deep. But if we don’t take off the bandages that have piled upon the wound, then we cannot forgive and move on.

Without really letting go
we stay stuck in an inner
dimension of disempowerment

The Tantrics have handed down in unbroken lines since aeons, rituals that work powerfully to help us forgive and move on.
There are a range of ritual formulas that have been carefully preserved in Tantra, that work powerfully with the energetics of forgiveness.
These techniques will make up this night’s ritual practice of Ahoi Ashtami: The night of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not a sentimental or mental notion. It is a matter of energetics.
The Tantrics of yore, saw and considered how to work with the many layers of our being that are instrumental in forgiveness.

This annual ritual day is known as Ahoi Mata Ashtami.
Ahoi Mata is the Goddess of forgiveness and letting go.

There is a story of Ahoi Mata that encapsulates the ritual measures for this day. The story has an encoded meaning about the 7 Chakric layers of healing that will make up the practice of the evenings ritual.
You may read the story in the WRITTEN TANTRA section of the website.

On this ritual night, we will meet for 2 hours to undertake the ritual of forgiveness.
We will attempt, through ancient Tantric techniques, to heal the guilts and grudges that weigh upon the sacred heart.

When we learn to forgive, we release many spiritual forces. Our energy and health can drastically improve. Self sabotaging habits of our existence can even vanish, as many of our unhealthy habits are directly linked to holding on.
The spiritual path begins and ends in forgiveness.

Hara Ring

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


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1. January 2021