33 | BHUMESHVARI JAYANTI | 18.9. * Bhumeshwari is the Shakti that generates the 5 elements (Panchabhoot) and brings them into harmony with each other.



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“Oh Bhumeshvari
Your body is the entire creation
To know you is to fade into infinity.
One becomes a friend to all when you are close
Without you we one sees fiends and foes on all sides.
You reveal the secret of the shadow,
for shadows exist everywhere in creation.
Your body is the entire creation,
the folds of your femininity are hidden in shadows.
Those who want to know you in depth
must move into your shadows.”

– Boonath

The Goddess Bhumeshvari is the guardian of the manifest universe. The reflection of the spirit is reflected onto the body of Bhumeshvari, as it comes into physical manifestation. Bhumeshvari is commonly called Bhuvaneshwari. Many of Bhumeshvari’s hymns begin with the utterance of her body being the entire creation.

Bhumeshvari is the ruling Queen of the 5 Panchboot spirits.
The Panchbhoot are the 5 elements of the phenomenal world:

1) Bhumi (earth)
2) Jal (water)
3) vayu (air)
4) Agni (fire)
5) Space (vayu)

These five elements are connected to different elemental spirits.
The physical manifestation as the Panchbhoot spirits occurs by the subtle forces intersecting with the physical world. Bhumeshvari is the one who stands at that intersection. She is the one who unfolds the spiritual energies into the manifest world. The elemental spirits live as a collective in the particular element they are connected to. By focusing and working on a particular element, the spirits of that element are expanded or reduced depending upon the focus.

The right balance of elemental energies ensures health and harmony in our physical lives. Conversely, the imbalance of elemental spirits can manifest as all manner of disturbance in the physical aspects of our lives. Tantra works on balancing the Panchabhoot, through different mantras and mudras that affect the different Panchbhoot energies directly. Pancha means 5, and Bhoot means spirit.

The evocation of a particular element is a subtle science of working with the tools of Tantric science. Mantras and gestures are employed to this effect and are in turn enlivened by Bhaav. Bhaav is the mood or attitude of aligning with a particular energy. Bhaav is the ever important quality that brings life to the structure.

By aligning to a particular quality and evoking that quality within oneself through a mixture of inner focus and technique, we generate that quality. This is a description of Tantric ritual. By evoking the quality from within ourselves, we can quite literally connect with it and ritualistically invoke it. Bhumeshwari is the Shakti that generates the 5 elements and brings them into harmony with each other. Work with Bhumeshvari is the work with the 5 elements. Physically it is a grounding work of manifestation of our spiritual powers into the garments of matter.

Oh bless thee continuous stutter.
Of the word being made into flesh

The Window
L Cohen

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1. January 2021