25 | GURU PURNIMA | 24.7. * This ritual night has been reserved since aeons to give honour not only to the personalities of one’s teachers, but also to the principle of devotion and effort that the teacher represents.





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‘’Guru Purnima
is a day in the Indian calendar
of giving honour
to the teachers and the elders
who guide us on the path of wisdom.’’

– Boonath

The Teacher of Wisdom series continues with Guru Purnima, The Celebration of the Teacher’, as it is known to Tantrics and Yogins. It takes places yearly on the July Full Moon and it has been reserved since aeons to give honour not only to the personalities of one’s teachers, but also to the principle of devotion and effort that the teacher represents.

The Guru is the inner quality that we all possess. The quality of attention to detail and unwavering voyage into the depths of a single subject. This effort to surpass oneself and attain the hights of wisdoms is said to come from the Guru Tatva. Tatva can be translated as ‘element’.

The Guru Tatva implies ‘weight’ and ‘heaviness’. The word Guru is often defined in various ways according to modern custom, but the root of the Sanskrit word means ‘heavy’, whereas the word denoting the aspirant – means ‘light’. A great weight is required to ground wisdom.

To follow the austerity to accomplish any profound skill in a single subject takes weight, and so the Guru represents a weighted immovable force that stands above all for the subject that is represented. The element of devotion exists within all as the Guru Tatva. This is the element that drives us to achieve successes and overcome obstacles, but the Guru Tatva is more than just this.

The true essence of the Guru Tatva is a one pointed focus on a branch of wisdom. A wisdom that stands outside of rewards of personal satisfaction and a learning and devotion which differs from the drives of sentimental ambition. The Guru Tatva aligns the human instrument to very subtle layers of reality.

The art of the Guru is often learned and devoted to from early childhood, passed down the ages in unbroken lines. Our society may give credit to all manner of attainments and skills. The contemporary development of contest shows and a culture of awards to actors and musicians may make it seem like a common place thing to honour those within developed ranges of skill. The difference being that the Guru represents someone who passes on a line of teaching and has as their main interest the passing on of the wisdom and the development of his students. This is quite a difference of focus to taking credit for or indulging in praise at the accomplishment. In India it is said that a true Guru lives for their students, which defines their role as a teacher.

Upon the Full Moon of July we come to the time honoured tradition of Guru Purnima. Upon this day the astral forces are strong for setting the Guru Tatva within us into motion.

It is a day
for remembering the elders
and those that have given to us
the gifts and fruits of their labours.

In darkness and candle light we will come together in a healing circle of power and practice rituallistically methods of Tantric Asanas (postures), Pranayam (breathwork), Mudras (gestures), and Mantras (sacred emotional syllables & sounds) whic awaken trance like states & dream-like experiences in which deep healing and psychic unwinding occurs.


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1. January 2021