23 | SHUNI AMVASYA, | 10.7. * This day is honoured by Tantric’s as Shuni Amvasya. A Dark Moon falling on a Saturday is a rare occurrence and is Sacred to the Saturnian lord of Karma.



Saturday | 10 JULY


20:oo – 23:oo CEST | 19:oo – 22:oo GMT

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31st July | The Way of the Crow

In the month of July we will be working with the themes of Saturn, traveling along 4 Moon junctions, starting with the Dark Moon of July 10th, moving on to the two half Moons of July 17th and July 31st, with the Full Moon sandwiched between them on the 24th of July. This series of Saturnian Tantric ritual will be undertaken upon ritual days of the astro-Tantric-calendar. On these evenings, we will be going further and deeper into some of the recent Saturnian themed work that we have been stepping into.

Saturnian themes of restriction have played out en masse in the events we have all faced in recent times. Feeling stifled by the events of our inner and outer lives can leave us with a sense of struggling against the weight of constricting forces. In such a constellation we are made to face our deepest Karmic themes.

The first Tantric healing ritual of Saturn will be take place on Saturday the 10th of July. This day is honoured by Tantric’s as Shuni Amvasya. A Dark Moon falling on a Saturday is a rare occurrence and is Sacred to the Saturnian lord of Karma. It is known as Shani Amvasya, which means the Dark Moon of Saturn.

The dark Moon is considered to be the day of birth of Shuni, and Saturday is the day of the week that is dedicated to him. And so Shuni Amvasya is a once or twice annual occurrence, when the Saturn force is honoured ritualisticly by Tantrics. This is a Night of working with the deep ancestral imprints that we carry in the Saturnian depths.

Saturn is the planetary lord of raising latent Karma. He has his gaze ever down to the very roots of things and brings us to see the karmic origins of our lives. We will go a step deeper than the recent ancestral work we have been doing. This time we will actively confront painful issues that we have experienced in relation to our ancestral line. In a literal sense this means that on this night, we might choose to work with the wounds of our childhood and family situation. In the tantric eye, it is seen that when we work with the wounds of the past, we not only move on our own healing journey, but we assist the spiritual realm of our whole ancestry.

On this Dark Moon night we will be working with Purnavasu Nakshatra. This Moon will be in this lunar house on this night. This is a star of growth that can deeply expand the ritualistic work of this night into the waxing Moon cycle that is upon us. The Dark Moon is the peak of the introverting of the lunarly sway, The Dark Moon is the deepest point of the waters ebb just before a cycle of growth commences. Purnavasu Nakshatra occuring on a Dark Moon is a time of expanding inwards and introverying the spirit to look upon the structures and edifices of our psychic inner world. The waxing growth after the Dark Moon, can then commence from a point of inner potency and realisation.

Magical work done upon the Dark Moon is carried into growth upon the waxing cycle. Since time immemorial Tantrics have honoured the magical lunar cycles of ebb and flow. The Dark Moon reveals the roots and the depths. By looking into the roots we address the fruit. This year Shuni Amvasya falls under the star constellation (Nakshatra) of Purvanasu, which is most auspicious for breaking karmic cycles in pursuit for inner growth and freedom. To find out more, read our recent blog dedicated to this Nakshatra.

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1. January 2021