15 | HANUMAN JAYANTI | 27.4. * His ritual is concerned with establishing rhythm and smooth and seamless flight to the quality of the air element.



27 APRIL | Full Moon

Part 3 of a 5 Part Series

20:oo – 23:oo CET | 19:oo – 22:oo GMT
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On a Full Moon night in the heart of spring, when the Pranic (breath) currents of nature are breathing life to the rising blooms, we will align by way of ritual to the powerful monkey god of breath that is Hanuman. Hanuman is considered to be an Incarnation of Rudra, who is howler and regarded as the thunderous storm god.

Hanuman is the god of Monkey form who represents the Air element, in fact he is the child of Vayu (god of the wind) His ritual is concerned with establishing rhythm and smooth and seamless flight to the quality of the air element. The air element rules the mental body in yogic anatomy, by working with concentration and the practices of wind we can come to smoothen out both psychic and physical creases.

The epics of Hanuman voyages recount his abilities to fly through the air and achieve profound feats of power. Hanuman ritual works with the power of breath and devotion, for Hanuman was the most devoted of servants to the god and goddess. His every breath is devotion and he is devoted to every breath. The mind and spirit might at times fly around like a monkey and wander into far off astral skyways. But Hanuman is possessed of the poise of pranic breath power as opposed to prancing puffing.

Hanuman rules the Heart Chakra, a common image of Hanuman reveals his tearing open his chest and revealing that in his heart is only the goddess and the god in the form of Sita Ram. The Bhandar mudras are the monkey practices that we shall approach in this ritual, they are movements that jump and hop just like a monkey – moving the air element and bringing lightness and flow to the rhythms of our being.


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1. January 2021