13 | BLOOD, SEX & DEATH | 12.4. * Blood is Kali Ma; Sex is Kamakya; Kala is Death. These are the three Tantric forces that sit in the deep underworld within us.



12 April | Dark Moon Ritual

20:oo – 23:oo CET | 19:oo-22:oo GMT
*A recording will be made available,
if you cannot make the exact date/time.
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“Soma is ritualised
with the 3 fluids of
wine, milk & water,
which represent
blood, sex & death,
for most people
still a taboo.

Soma is the sacred and Healing Moon fluid
.  Once or twice a year the dark Moon falls on a Monday. This night is named Somavati in the Tantric calendar and is a night of working with the inner subtle psycho/physical compound of lunar essence called Soma.

Soma gives strength to softness and simplicity, it is cultivated in simplifying our lives and softening our edges of the heart. When Soma is abundant in the system, we have spiritual vision and physical fluidity. Soma is a cooling fluid that heals the inner fires that consume power, it softens the heart and draws one into the spiritual womb of compassion.

In this ritual we will work with darkness & silvery lunar light. Taking a journey through Blood, Sex & Death:

Blood is Kali Ma
Sex is Kamakya
Kala is Death

These are the three Tantric forces that sit in the deep underworld within us. They are the forces at the root of our power, ‘or lack of it‘. This is a psychic and physical Tantra, Mudra, Mantra ritual, that is about addressing and healing the flow of the primal powers in us.

When the 3 fluids are in balance the Kundalini awakens. Tantrics depict Kundalini Shakti as the Queen Snake. Living beyond the boundaries of time and space. Beyond our known conventions. Where the hidden and out-of-sight is given a welcome into the arms of Life and Death on Earth.

Kundalini Shakti
requires the right ‘psychic temperature’
to unfold.
Somavati is a time when
celestial forces can assist us
in the balance of the Soma fluid.

The Ritual Positions of the Moon Moon positions and invocations are known as  Chandra Parampara in Tantra. On Somavati the Yogins practice this subtle and powerful form of Tantric Moon invocation. The practices we will do on this ritual night are powerful in arousing unresolved shadow themes pertaining to the archetypal Goddesses and Gods of the Night-forces. The new Moon sequence of Chandra Parampara supports us in ritual of the Somavatri Moon junction, to soften to the lunar currents being beamed to earth. Chandra Parampara is a sequence of practice that, among all the practices of Tantra, creates the greatest softening & flexibility in the organism, both psychically & physically.

The introverted fire of Soma is cultivated in Chandra Parampara Moon practices. The Moon fluid is an internal glow that gives one strength of focus and ‘awake-ness’ upon the astral levels. Prayer and ritual under the Soma Moon is a time of opening body and soul towards the deepest levels of softness.

Simplification is the way to Soma. Soma is the way of bringing softness to rigidities. The 3 liquids of Blood, Sex and Death make up Soma. When they are balanced then Soma flows. An excess or depletion of any one of these energies blocks the flow of Soma. We could say that Somavati is the time of balancing.

Wine, Milk and Water shall lay upon the altar on this a Dark Moon night. By the Moon Practices of Chandra Parampara, we will delve deep into these fluids into the realm of Blood, Sex and Death.

PLEASE NOTE | Participants of the ritual will need to bring 3 vessels to their ritual space: one filled with wine, one with milk (plant-based also fine), and one with water.

This Somavati will take place uder the Revati Nakshatra (Star Constellation). To find out more about the qualities of this star energy click here.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.



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1. January 2021