01 | BHAIRAV ASTAMI | 6.1. * Bhaivar Astami is a time in which to study the deep dark layers of oneself, shedding the outer layers like a snake, to reach the mysteries beyond the threshold of time.





7-11:30 pm CET | 6-10:30 pm GMT


*A recording will be made available,
if you cannot make the exact date/time.
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‘’But down in the underground
You’ll find someone true.
Down in the underground
a land serene,
a crystal moon.
Oh, It’s only forever.
Not long at all’’


– D. Bowie


We have had much positive feedback about the deep effects of Kaal Bhairav rituals upon the lives of participants.
This has encouraged us to start this year’s rituals upon a deep note, building the year with a strong foundation. Kaal Bhairav is indeed the deepest of the underground forces – if you would like to find out more about Bhairav, read our recent blog post.


Time, Depth & Darkness

Kaal Bhairav, is the Tantric deity of time, depth and darkness. The 8th night of lunar waning every month is Sacred to Bhairav, the darkest form of Shiva, and it is known as Kaal Astami, or Bhairav Astami. Kaal means time, Astami means the eighth. Kaal Bhairav represents Time and Death. In fact, Kaal means ‘dark’. He is the black Crow master who rides upon the Black Dog. Crows and black dogs belong to his realm and are the messengers of his secrets.

Within the skyes Kaal Bhairav is also the heavy and slow planet Saturn, recognised by tantrics and astrologers alike as the planet whose magnetism draws us the darkest aspects within us all.
Tantrics approach Bhairav each month on his Astami night, and spend time investigating the dark and secret layers of their being.

Kaal Astami is a time
in which to study
the deep dark layers of oneself,
shedding the outer layers
like a snake,
to reach the mysteries
beyond the threshold of time.



How we waste our lives

Time is indeed of the essence. It may contain the essence itself, but our time can be something devoid of magic. It then becomes something to waste away when it is barren of Moonlit Magic. Some of the modern rituals we repeat daily are worth our investigation. If something is repeatedly done with our concentration then it becomes a ritual.

can both entrap
and liberate.

Kaal Bhairav ritual-worship has the potential to show us the most obvious – yet easily unseen – things of what we are doing with time. Or perhaps what time is doing with us…
When we align to the deep slow realm of Bhairav, he guides us into the invisible line between life and death, beyond the threshold of creation and destruction. Life and time, creation and death, all hold hands in the realm of a Kaal Bhairav.

Kaal Bhairav
teaches the Wisdom of Death.
He shows us that
the creative spiritual impulse
is not free of Death,
for Creation without Death
is Stagnation.


Bhairav is a deep friend, liberator and protector, if he is approached in honour. He holds the Danda, the stick of power. Dandapatti means the friend of ‘the stick’, or ‘the friend with the stick’. It is the magic wand of the Wizard and broomstick of the Witch. It is the spine that flows with the dance of circuitry in the currents of life and death. It is the stick within grasp when we study the mysteries of Bhairav.

It is the stick
that carries the soul
across the portals
of life and death.


The stick is called Kankala Danda, literally the ‘skeleton stick’. The stick of Bhairav gives the protection of courage to go under the surface of skin and flesh, right to the very bone of our lives. Bhairav asks us ‘are we here to live or are we here to die?


The Stick of Power

For this ritual you will require a stick of power. You may use a broom, or any stick you find. You may go out into nature on a magical quest and find one – or let it find you. You might even be surprised and realise that you already possess one. Whether your stick is a broom, a wooden spoon or a crafted wand, have your Danda close to hand for this ritual.

On this ritual night, we will continue to work deeper with the Kankala Danda (skeleton stick mudras) which we begun in December to further explore the connection between life and death, and the ways in which we may be wasting our lives away. The stick of power that Bhairav carries represents the measurement of time, it is topped by a skull that signifies the mystery beyond time.

The antar Kankala mudras
(inner skeleton practice)
are powerful in revealing
hidden magical realms.


Because Kaal Bhairav is obstinate, tenacious, terrifying and immovable by his laws, he helps reveal where we are obstinate, tenacious and immovable to his laws of Time and Death in our lives.

As well as teaching us
how to life,
Bhairav equally teaches us
how to die.


Many may be consumed with the issue of ‘how to live’, but the tantric equally concerns themselves with ‘how to die’.

Bhairav can show us
the lessons we are not learning
and having to repeat
for lifetimes long.




Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.



Posted on

1. January 2021