Waters deep where the antient does sleep.
Mother of the sexual heat.

Born of devotion and fearless grace.
Deep in the river her secret face.

The Saptami Tithi (7th lunar night) in the Month of Magh is the birth of Narmada Ma.

She is the goddess who has seven types of arousing forces with which she arouses us in the 7 Chakras.

She is known as Shankhari, daughter of Shiva Shankhara.

She is born of the sweat of Shiva when he did Tapasya (intense Yogic devotion). 
Tapasya is a quality of ruthlessness and fearless voyage towards the unseen. And so by Shiva’s Tapasya the Goddess that dwells in the heart of the Narmada river came to be.

This ritual Moon of Narmada Devi, is very much a time to worship work with the water and earth element together.

The sexual Chakra is the station of fluidity and the base Chakra is the station of the earth element.
Water and earth together are represented by the amphibious crocodile of Makara that Narmada Devi straddles and rides upon.

The Rajas is the red receptive feminine essence. 
The Bindhu is the white seed active masculine essence. 
Tantrics work with these fluidic essences at her Moon time.

The sexual water and earth Chakra’s are the seat of Narmada Devi. 

Her name in fact, means the arousing woman. 
She be the Goddess that arouses us.



Upon her Moon night, the Tantric practitioner circles around that which arouses… circling ever deeper unto the nucleus of infinity within.

What arouses you? 

The circulation of Narmada is an inner as well as an outer rite that is known as Narmada Parikrama.
The Tantric practices the Kamakund Mudra under the auspices of her Moon.
This is literally the practice of the pot of desire.

Narmada Parikrama is a ritual in which the Yogic circumambulates the river Narmada. 

It can take many months, and traditionally the Yogi goes on Narmada Parikrama with nothing but the spirit of voyage. 


The Narmada river is significant for having naturally occurring lingams in its waters.

The Lingam is the union of the feminine and masculine force.
The Narmada Lingam has a red mark upon it which is the blood of Shakti.

The Lingams of Narmada are Swayambhu, which means naturally occurring.

It’s mystery how the Narmada river can carve and birth these spherical elongated forms in her waters. 

Tantric legend tells that a celestial orgasm that occurred with the explosion of a planet, or possibly meteor, and the infinite fragments fell into the waters of Narmada Devi and became the Lingams of Narmada.

The lingam is a sign of sexual union and is most abundant in the waters of the Goddess who arouses.

Narmada Devi is the Goddess
of the waters of arousal.

Her Tantric practices involve studying that which arouses us.

That which arouses us is a deep mystery.

A mystery as deep as the Narmada river of which she is Queen.

Hara Ring