They bring us the jewel of deep love,
The diamond at the heart is known as Naagmani,
The sacred jewel of deepest love,
protected and honoured by the Naaga.


Naaga Panchami is a time honoured annual lunar junction for Tantrics.
It is a ritual time of connecting and working with the spirit of the Naaga beings.

On Naaga Panchami, Tantrics practice focused snake ritual and connect to the Naaga race of beings.

The Naaga beings are an astral spirit race of deepest beauty and nobility.

They are beings that have serpentine form and eternal love and compassion.

They dwell in the 5th Akashic element that lays at the root of all the other 4 physical elements.

The Naaga beings are contacted by working with the Akash element in the central spinal channel.

The central spinal channel is known as Sushumna. It houses the mystical Sarasvati river in which the Kundalini Shakti swims.

The Sarasvati river is a legendary river that the Yogis drink of.

It is said to not be in the physical world but rather in the subtle world.

It is a river of Akash (etheric element).

The river of Sarasvati is nourished by focus and Tapasya (Yogic practices) it flows in cool mindedness of internal withdrawal into the deep of the soul.

It is dried up by fire.

The Naaga race of beings are contacted by Tantrics through specific ritual techniques of working with the central spinal channel.

There are specific Moon junctions, when the energy of the Naaga race is easier to access.

Naaga Panchami is the considered the most potent day to contact the Naaga race of beings.

On this day, the celestial forces align in such a way that the realm of the Naaga is brought into its closest orbit with us on earth.

The Naaga beings open the astral portals in the psycho/physical constitution and bring us to the root of being.


She is Kundalini Shakti,
She is pure,
She is the jewel both feared and adored,
The Tantric approaches her temple door,
Deepest devotion, prostrate on the floor.

The junction of celestial energies upon this day makes it a most favourable time for working with the subtle forces behind the manifest phenomena of our lives.

Upon the annual Moon junction of Naaga Panchami, Tantrics engage in inner and outer snake Mudra.

The Naaga ritual practices, in essence, balance our energy investments upon the subtle planes.

Those deep inner agreements that we have made upon the subtle planes are not always in plain sight. When we focus into the root element of Akash in the realm of the Naaga, we can come to see the root causes that condition our reality.

Naaga Panchami is a time of working with with Bija Mantra (Seed Sounds) of the snake, in combination with Antar Naag Mudra (inner snake practices).

In this ritual, we will learn of the application of the snake practices and the specific Moons that they relate to.

In Tantric practice, there are many particular snake Mudra’s that can help us to free the psychophysical knots our perception and vision from subtle energy investments that interference with pure reality.

Naagini mudra, for example, is a radical position of both body and mind that embodies the snake quality strongly in our system.

Naagani Mudra establishes a strong connection to the world of the Naaga.

Naagani refers directly to a woman who is both human and serpent at the same time.

She is Kundalini Shakti.


The spirits and energies of the subtle plane, are of numerous kinds according to Tantric cosmology.

Those that live in the most unconscious recesses are known to Tantrics as the Naaga.

The Naaga are spirits and energies that can have deep effect upon our consciousness. They dwell in the most unexplored and unconscious levels of our being.

They live in us and can be known through Tantric application.



Veiled from vision the place so deep,
serpentine secrets buried in sleep,
Jewels that glow from the inside out,
The source from which love does sprout,
The sacred bloom of love,
As below, so above.

The realm of the Naaga is known as Naaga Lokha.

A Lokha is a dimension of the subtle world.

We might think of Naaga Lokha as a parallel universe where we exist perhaps only in a semi-conscious state. There is a potential to know the realm of the Naaga.

Through inner dimensional travel, the Tantric voyager integrates the mysteries of Naaga Lokha into awareness.

The work of the Tantric Naaga Puja Ritual, locates that part of our consciousness that dwells unconsciously in the world of the Naaga, and brings it to a state of awareness.

The Naaga realms are places where our Shakti is invested in a semi-aware state of consciousness, particularly in relation to Base-Chakra and Sexual-Chakra themes. These can be places where we have unconscious blind spots that create problems for us in life.

A Granthi is a knot of energy that bars the way into an inner realm.

By a process of inner opening and healing, we unravel the Karmic knots of the Granthis and gain admittance into the realms behind the problems of our existence. The places where we disconnect from love are the places where Granthis exist. The places we find it hard to be in, are potential portals of power.

By becoming aware of our unconscious investments and the patterning we have within ourselves, we may relinquish the invested Shakti.

The Shakti that is knotted up in the Granthis, when released and focussed, becomes fuel for the journey into the worlds within.

Energy is focussed by staying in one place.

When our awareness finds a point of concentration, then it can start to un-invest itself from the Granthi’s, and open the awareness of the mystical realms.

Naaga Lokh exists in the underworld.

This is not a ‘hell’ as might be understood by the term underworld, although it can be depending on what kind of relationship we have to the Naaga spirits within ourselves.

The underworld is known as Patala to the Yogins. It has seven divisions and each semi division corresponds to one of the seven Chakras.

In turn each of the 7 deep realms of Patala is in connection with the causal plane of the Sapt Rishi star constellation and Matrika realm of the Pleiades star constellation.

Naaga Lokh is the deepest of realms.

It is a deep paradise that is said by the Yogins to have more beauty than any other world.

The Naaga beings that dwell in Naaga Lokh are the keepers of the most precious jewels… known the Naagmani.

Some say that it is mere myth that a cobra has a jewel underneath its hood.

Many speculations have ensued around the Naagmani, and many commercial ventures of selling such pseudo-snake stones are undertaken in the name of Naagmani.

Real Naagmani’s are very rare and can never be procured easily.

Only very specific and extremely rare snakes carry the precious stone.

Some Tantrics may gain such a stone by very special procedures that involve a deep degree of magical knowledge and accomplishment.

The Naagmani is sometimes handed down as a power object among the Siddha’s in their initiations.


According to Yogic cosmology, there exist three worlds.

They two are all I interrelated and present portals of inter-dimensional travel.

Tantric practices can open the portals that of the sacred heart in all worlds.. so that we are free to move and love in infinity.

1). Patala

Patala is the underworld of seven divisions, connected to the seven Chakras and connected etherically to the earth plane of Bhumi. It is the root of the Akashic element that underlays the tangible 4 elennts of Bhumi.

2). Bhumi

Bhumi is the Earthly world which includes the stars and physical manifestation of planets. Bhumi is literally the earth mother.

This physical world we live in has seven divisions of manifested energy which are expressed through the Chakras and the human glandular system.

The Chakras start at the terrestrial base levels and go all the way up to the ultra-terrestrial chakras in the head that are the opposite octaves of the base frequencies.

Different groups can range from fashions, sectors, classes and nations.

All the ‘isms’ could be thought of as expressions of the different divisions of Bhumi.

Fascism and ideologies of exploitation, for example, could be thought of as a blind expression of base Chakra energies in the realm of Bhumi.

Conversely, humane systems of charity and inclusiveness, could be thought of as a more aware and vision induced expression of the base

Individuals and collectives in the physical world may live in all manner of energy constellations of the seven realities of the Chakras… each having an endless array of graduations and expressions.

Naturally we move between these seven states of being according to many factors,

The influence of Lunar currents upon our constitution play a huge part in effecting our awareness. The Tantric practitioner works with the fluidic forces of the Moon and the effect they exert on the Chakric system.

4). Swarga

Swarga is the third world. It is the upper world beyond the physical that is connected to us on earth through the portals of the stars.

Again this is divided into seven levels – each of which corresponds to, and intersects with the manifestations of Chakras within us on earth.

We could think of the Swarga realms as the fruit and flowers of the tree, the earth could be likened to the shade of the tree along with the taste and scent of its offerings. The Patala underworld would then be the roots.

These worlds are given various names according to the district or the bent of the school.

For example in left hand Tantra.

The realm of Patala is the world of the Crow – Kah.

The realm of Swarga is the world of the Swan – Hamsa.

Bhumi is the Earth Goddess who stands between their flights.

She is the place where the birds meet and depart in the ever swinging dance between Moondark and Moonlight.

At the Full Moon, the upper Swarga World of the Swan is most active, as it is in the ascending half of the lunar month.

At the Dark Moon, the underworld of the Crow…Patala is most active, as it is on the descending half of the lunar month.

By balancing and addressing our being in one of the worlds, we balance and address the reflection of that world in all its 3 levels:

1) The unconscious
2) The physical manifest level of the body
3) The level of consciousness

These 3 layers interrelate and are inseparable.

By addressing and healing unconscious blockages, we bring the corresponding shift to a change in our consciousness, and in turn the body in the realm of Bhumi is effected by the movements energy.

When Shakti opens doors within, doors without are also opened.

Travel to the depths of being, greatly effects the fluidic and Pranic layers of our being.

We may have a familiar station of residence that is our main Chakra of issue, with which we are concerned and involved in.

Focus, self-study and awareness can reveal this to us

Do we see perhaps through which Chakra or Chakras, we predominantly express and live out our life?

Do we see the ones that are latent?

This is a serious line of investigation.

The Chakras are energetic stations.

We could even say that they are whole worlds.

We are all travellers between the worlds of the Chakras.

Tantrics work with all levels and worlds and voyager into the hidden energies behind each Chakra.

The Root of each Chakra is found in the self illuminating Naagmani jewels that be buried in the depth of Naagalokh.

Tantrics work with much Bhar Mudra (physical practices) of body, breath and sound, along with Antar Mudra (spiritual astral vision techniques),

A lot of the focus of the Tantric pursuit comes back towards opening and untying the knots of the unconscious Granthis in the underworld.

The rituals of Tantrics take into account… atmospheric, celestial, lunar and seasonal shifts of energy, and the portals that these movements create in relation to the 3 worlds.

What drives a person to such Tantric travels of traversing and connecting unknown territories?

is a question well worth pondering!


‘Kacchaapa’ refers to one of the 7 Saptrishi stars in the constellation of the Big Dipper.

Kacchaapa means ‘turtle’ in reference to its elliptical turtleshell-like shape.

yogic Cosmology tells that the turtle star Rishi known as Kacchaapa, fathered 84 crore (Indian numerical measurement), of all manner of species of astral spirit, earth creatures and plants including the Naagas.

Kacchaapa fathere all types of being, from the astral ghouls, known as Rakshasas, to the benign Gahandarvas.

Even Garuda, the King of Birds himself is his son.

All such beings that Kacchaapa fathered, relate to the earth or water elements, even if only as an opposite, as in the case of the bird (sky) relating to the snake (earth & water).

Each of his realm of beings, came through his (turtle star) in a previous Manvantara (age).

The Turtle Star is an astral portal to the earth plane for the Naagas.

It is a portal that connects them to us energetically and physically at the level of the base and sexual Chakras which are ruled by the elements of earth and water respectively.

It is to be remembered that a snake is a creature that is close to the earth, it can swim, much in the same way a turtle is versatile both upon land and water.

Just as a Naaga may incarnate in the human realm, so a human on earth may enter the Naaga worlds through work with the Chakras as star portals to their worlds. On this day the energies of worlds meet.

The Naaga are spirit energries of grace, beauty and depth.

When the Naaga spirits are shadowed in our awareness by unconsciousness, then it can result in a state that is profoundly Tamasic (sleepy and dull).

The shadows of the first two Chakras are clear to see around us in the perversions that exist around the themes of power, sex and money.

Power, sex and money, control, manipulation etc, are all the themes of the base and sexual Chakras.

Power, sex and money, control, manipulation things are not bad in themselves, it is a case if the degree of awareness that makes them sacred or cheap.

Manipulation is required to play a musical instrument magically. But with manipulation we also have the possibility to exploit and use. Sex can be sacred and Tantric where all levels unify in nourishing love. Then again it can be cheap and devitalizing.

The Tantric meditates deep into knots upon Shakti, and resolves the themes and shadows of the first two Chakras.

These are the Chakras of creative root energy. They are the Turtle portal in our microcosmic orbit that is potent as the macrocosmic orbit of the turtle star is orbited and awakened by the suns transit of Ahsleshya Nakshatra (hydra constellation). On the 5th Moon in the month of Shakti & Shiva (Shravan Month)

This is Naaga Panchami. The annual time when the portal to the Naaga realm is most open.

May there be healing of the very depths.


Shiva is the one who’s awareness is free of the shadows of the unconsciousness.

He can move in all realms because he is free of the overshadowing of consciousness.

The state of Shiva is within us when we awaken from the inner dreams of unconsciousness and become aware on all the spiritual planes.

Waking from dreams, and integrating and disentangling ourselves from unconscious energy ties to the numerous astral realms is one definition of Tantric practice.

The Tantric teaching stories often tell of competitions between the Devas.

In one such instance, Shiva revealed the extent of his focus, by beaming through the three worlds with the power of his unrestrained awareness, dissolving all association to forms both inner and outer, through the primal foundational energy of the root that comes from Naaga Lokh.

This force of awareness and psychic focus is known as Tejas.

Tejas is strong when the awareness is focused and gathered and extricated from the places it is intertwined and invested in.

The underworld of Naaga Lokh is the place of jewels that glow from the inside. These are the forgotten treasures that are lost in unconsciousness.

The journey to Patala is a journey of becoming aware of what is out of sight, perhaps lost, dissociated from, feared and denied.

The story tells how the beam of Tejas emitted from Shiva’s Third-Eye, and extended unto infinity, and dissolved the very nothin of the underworlds and the upperworlds.

The end of the focussed beam of Tejas was sought after hopelessly, but never could it be found.

Shiva himself was the infinite beam… The great Lingam of expansive Shakta energy .

Ling refers to the rising expansive generative power, and Gam to the absorbing creative power. Shiva is the pinnacle of both of these forces in balance in all three worlds.

In his primal form of Rudra, Shiva is the Ling, howling through creation with expansive force. When he melts into the endless striver of awareness, a base is met with… that base is the Gam. When Ling and Gam meet. Then force can be projected unto infinity.

The balance of day and night, hot and cold, in and out, expansive and absorptive, is the infinite force of Shiva. It’s start and finish can’t be located as it is actually a circuit of force where Shakta and Shakti unite.

Shiva revealed himself as a vast beam of Tejas energy, which shot out 12 snakes from the 12 Naaga Granthi’s.

These are the snake knots that are portals to the subtle body.

These 12 portals relate to the body’s 12 snake Nadi’s (energy lines).

The 12 snakes of Tejas force that Shiva shot out, were attracted to 12 magnetic places of power on the earth.

These places are marked by the 12 Jyotirlingam temples spread across India.

Jyotir can be translated as ‘sacred eminence’, often used to denote a ritual flame.

Each of the 12 temples is related to one of 12 forms of Shiva, and these 12 forms are also names for the 12 (Naaga) Granthi (energy knots) of the human organism… with the the temples located diametrically upon the human body.

Each temple has a Bija mantra known to Tantrics which can open the related places of energy knots in the psycho/physical system.

Tantric methods of inner and outer Mudra can potentially untie the Granthis and brings the awareness into a balance… in and between the three worlds.

A particular magnetic place of power upon the earth can open the particular corresponding Granthi in the body. This is a branch of Gupt (secret) knowledge that is kept by Tantrics.

Obstinate karmic blocks, and both psychic and physical impediments can be healed by going to the corresponding places of magnetism.

Such places of power can equally disrupt psychic and physical forces in the human system.

Now, this mention of the outer temples is also to be understood on an inner level.

As we open the knots where the Lingam energy intersects. We connect to the corresponding points of magnetism in both all the 3 worlds.

Iconography of Shiva, often shows that his body is bound by serpents. This hints to the places of the Snake Granthis points where lingam energy intersects in the subtle energy portals.

Yogic wisdom recognises that binding these points of energy can have an impact on healing on both physical and energetic levels.

For example. By binding the waist, the sexual energy is kept in the Shakti Chakra and obstructed from moving up.

Or my binding the neck, the sexual energy floods the torso.


Sapt means ‘seven’ and Rishi means ‘Seer’.

The 7 stars of the Saptrishi constellation are connected to the 7 Chakras, and represent portals in the astral realm through which the 7 types of human soul are incarnated into Bhumi Lokh (earth plane).

The Saptrishi constellation of stars constitute the Big Dipper. Upon the astral plane they are portals to the causal plane through which souls pass to incarnation.

The 7 ray types of ‘star race’ find their portal into manifestation through the Sapt Rishi constellation.

One star type of ‘star-race’ may be reflected or represented more strongly in a particular culture, group of people or individual.

Like-kind types of being do tend to group together and create a defined line of consensual reality,

A defined line of consensual reality is created when like-kind types of being group together. This is the manifestation of an inner principle that graduates from the causal plane unto the manifest realm of Bhumi Lokh (earth plane)

The Tantric practitioner moves out of our familiar ‘port of residence’, and voyages to shades of being beyond the familiar.

To know all 7 worlds of the 7 stars of the Saptrishi, is to enter into the Chakras that are unfamiliar to us.

To move out of our comfort zone, we discover the worlds that are shaded from view.

The worlds within that we are unconsciousness of, open up as we expand into realms beyond our star of origin.

When the voyage has gone so far, and all astral worlds are made a home of, then the Yogi becomes one of the Natanaaga.

The Natanaaga is the celestial dancer who freely traverses all realms.



Mention of the Naaga would be incomplete without a mention of Garuda.

Garuda is the king of birds and the the celestial Vahaan (vehicle) of Vishnu.

Vishnu has two vehicles that when meditated upon, highlight the relation of Garuda to the Naaga.

The opposite vehicle of Vishnu to Garuda is the Naaga serpent known as Ananta Shesha. Vishnu floats upon Ananta Shesha in the sea of eternity

Ananta means Infinite, Shesha means serpent.

And so, Ananta Shesh is the serpent with an infinity of heads.

The heads of Ananta Shesh are so numerous as to simply defy calculation

Ananta Shesh is the infinite serpent that crowns the lord of balance, as pictured here below.

Garuda is half human and half eagle. His Tejas (spiritual clarity of vision) is not dimmed or put to sleep by and binding a Granthi (energy knot) of Naaga.

Known commonly as the enemy of all serpents, this is a phrase pregnant with meaning that can’t be simplified.

Garuda is the reflection of Ananta Shesh.

We could say that Ananta Shesh Naaga is the root and Garuda is the fruit.

One can’t exist without the other.

Being the enemy of the Naaga implies that Garuda opens the Granthi knots of the unconscious of the Naaga realm. Being unconscious of the deep realm of causes tgat is Naaga Lokh, causes us to become tightly bound in dreams. It is these dreams that Garuda extricates us from.

The Naaga realm is the underworld realm that is not always obvious. The hidden realm of knots is often a place where inner secrets and energetic pacts are held. It can be a slippery of slumber and Shakti depletion, until we become aware of the undercurrents of awareness.

If we are not conscious of the happening upon the deep Naaga realm, then the knots and accumulations get more solidified and bind us to dreams and illusions.

Garuda is a shapeshifting being that can travel to any realm and assume any form.

He is the energy that is the enemy to the knots that bind the sacred heart.

He opens and loosely holds the Naaga energy between his hands in the sacred gesture of balance.

The world of the Naagas is seen in awareness when the hot Agni fire is cooled and brought to balance with the cool flame of Tejas.

Two fires recognised by the Tantrics and are worked with and brought to their rightful balance. Tejas – cooling and creative. Agni – hot and destructive.

This very principle of the human bird represents the becoming conscious within the unconscious worlds of the Naagas.

Garuda is our human possibility of flight and reconciliation of opposites.

He is one who has penetrated the world of unconsciousness and with eagle eye vision, and brought all slumber and illusion to an awakened state.

The Garuda vision within us is able to see the dreams that steal Shakti.

He brings her back.

By flying spiritually into the astral plane with the sharp vision of the eagle/human Guruda, we are able to awaken from unconscious dreams of ‘illusory reality’ in the worlds of the Naagas.

For Garuda, the unconscious of the Naaga realm is no threat, his vision and direction are one pointed with penetrating courageous Dharana (focus).

His vision is upon love and opening the door of the sacred heart.

Garuda represents the ascent of Kundalini Shakti, and Ananta Shesh represents the descent.

Awakening Garuda within ourselves means disentangling our energy from the illusions that bind it in the unconsios realms of Naaga.

Working with inner and outer eagle practices form part of the Tantric Naaga Panchami ritual. The eagle and snake are so intimately connected.

With the skill of an eagle. Garuda is also known as Ellh in Tantra.

He finds his expression in the Ellh Mudras (eagle practices).

The Tantric becomes Garuda when working with astral illusions, dreams and shadows. The sharp penetrating vision of the shapeshifting Garuda is within us. It be the vision that brings earth and sky together in the venture of sacred insight.


We see that in many iconographic depictions, that Shiva wears snakes on his being as a kind of jewelry.

Shiva wears ‘snake bracelets, at all the major energy junctions of the physical locations of the Granthis (psycho physical knots).

He even wears the snake necklace.

He wears the Naaga as ornaments because he is friend and lord of the Naaga spirits of the deepest plane of being.

Shiva is therefore known as Naaganath… friend and lord of the Naaga.

The Naaga spirits are no longer knots upon the energy centres of Shiva’s physical and energetic body.

Shiva is one who has awakened from the knotted dreams of the Naaga.

Legend has it that when we attempt Tantra, we are taking the dance of Shiva. Through the realm of dreams.

Shiva lives in us as the lord of dreams, when we awaken Shiva in ourselves we open to Shakti and begin to awaken from the dreams and illusions of variegated realities.

The path of Shiva reveals to us where we are yet unconscious.

He is the heavy eternal Yogi who sits in the seat of Yog and goes to very very root of being. Tantric practice is to take the seat of Shiva.

Shiva is he who opens the doors of Tantric practices. Through his focus and voyage to the root of being, he opens the locked doors of the Granthis.

It is Shiva who gives the keys when we undergo the courageous voyage to face the world of our dreams and illusions.

Shiva is the fearless one inside us. Ever on the path of dreams and reality.

He is Giri, at once man and woman, dark and light, root and fruit… and at the same time Shiva is beyond these things we know as opposites. Shiva is the union born of opposites.

The lord of Batha Yog he be. The Yogin of pure union.

Shiva is soul within us that is takes the dancing voyage to the deepest realm of Naaga.


In a focused state of awareness, Kundalini awakening occurs.

When we de-invest our life force from its involvements in unconscious evergreen patterns, we bring together a vast amount of Shakti.

The Tantric is a voyager into the very depths of being.

Looking deeply into the things that we nourish with of Shakti life force, is one way to define Tantric practice.

Subtle states of inner hypnosis and conviction or aversion are investigated and revealed as we approach the world of the Naaga.

Tantra is in a way, a path of deprogramming.

In order to awaken the Queen Shakti of Kundalini, the Yogin brings Shakti back from the realms of the unconscious.

On the Path of Kundalini, one delves deep into the inner states of unconsciousness. By finding and confronting the deep layers of ourselves with focused vision, we become conscious of the spiritual forces within us that operate behind the surface.

The portal to the world of the Naaga is opened by the celestial currents on this day of Naaga Panchami. Naaga spirits can give both benefic or malefic effects according to how we handle Shakti.

For example – if we were to walk through a stretch of forest known for its wild dogs with an open basket full of meat, chances are we would be pursued for the aforementioned food.

Travelling in a more conscious manner however, we might know how to protect our goods or even befriend the dogs and walk with them as allies.

We might deny ourselves access to the realm of the Naagas, because of the danger it poses. To awaken ancient sleeping forces can disrupt the familiar flow. By undoing the very nature of our energy investments, we essentially uproot our sense of who we think we are. Our values and the things we hold dear can be overturned if they are created from energy investments and promises and pacts that we have made.

Sometimes an inner battle can create a whole configuration of being that does not really have foundation.

The jewel of the Naaga is both beautiful and frightening… it takes courage to gaze upon its self illuminated glow.

The Naaga astral planes cannot really be shut down or denied. Out relationship to those worlds and spirits changes as we change.

As we become more aware of the drives and energies behind the surface, the way we relate to the Shakti changes, and we get a closer and deeper relation to the world of the Naaga.

Naaga energies that cause us fear and suffering are brought into a different constellation of relationship with us as we become conscious of previously unconscious uses of Shakti energy.

Tantrics see how the path of denial or repression leads to a diminishment of life power.

Turning one’s gaze in an easy and pleasant direction and holding it there takes a huge amount of Shakti and can close off our great potentials.

To take the gaze to the denied, unfamiliar and frightening takes courage. To to reach the realm of the Naaga we have to go through aversion. Each thing denied is another skin around the entrance to the deep place of foundational beauty that is the realm of the Naaga.

Tantra is inclusive of all realms.

Sitting in the courageous seat of Shiva, the Tantric opens to Shakti and comes to know all of existence.

As one becomes familiar and aware of the world of unconsciousness, the journey becomes one of waking up from dreams that shade the sacred heart.

Shakti is then roused from her latency of being as cosmic love awakens.

Shakti lives in our unconsciousness in varying degrees of awareness.

She be intertwined in the sometimes unseen half of the reflection of life and love.

The Tantric becomes the Giri (giant snake), and brings the halves together unto massive awareness.

The Giri is heavy to go to the depths, the fruit is as sweet as deep the root.

Our vision broadens to see the underworld – which is brought to awareness by the exploration the depths.

Unresolved sexual and base karma themes within the first two Chakras of our being are what tie us unconsciously to the world of the Naagas.

By bringing our sexual energy back from the unconscious places of investment, we heal deeply rooted imprints – even the ancestral sexual imprints that we carry.

As we sink deep to the foundational energy of the Naaga realm, we gather the sexual energy from all the places it may be invested in.

We naturally and gradually awaken Kundalini as the great amount of invested Shakti is brought back to our core.

For the Queen of Kundalini Shakti to awaken, it may be as simple as healing the bonds that disempower us and take our life force away with them.

Simple yes, but a profound venture to undertake.

Beauty comes when Shakti returns.

To join the ritual,
Touch the Jewel

Hara Ring