By connecting with the child within,
we might access areas of creative life,
we might also visit the unhealed wounds
that keep us from maturing into the
fullness of the sacred heart.
This ritual will be a Tantric journey
into the magic of the child.
But it will also be an honest journey
that might awaken the wounds of childhood
and the needs that were not
met when we were children.
Tantric ritual traverses the bounds
of time and space.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the elephant Moon of the eternal child Ganesh.

Here are some thoughts upon Ganesh and what he represents, along with some hints on how to work with his Moon phase.

Ganesh is the eternally 8 years old.

He is the knower who intimately knows the secrets of the earth. He is the guardian of the wisdom of the earth plane.

Ganesh is linked to life, vigor and sexual energy, as we shall see upon further and deeper reading.
We find this ritual day of Ganesh within the two week ritual period of the Mother which was initiated upon the dark Moon ritual junction of Pithori Amavasya.

Ganesh and the mother are one. The story tells that Ganesh was made from the mud that had gathered upon the body of his mother.

Ganesh guards the sexual Chakra
and through his place
in the root Chakra,
he initiates one into the mysteries
of sexuality and sexual energy.

The child is potent with sexual life force. At the state of childhood the sexual energy is expansive and connects to all directions.

The child reaches to all inner and outer portions of the cosmos through the nature of their expansive unbridled nature.

As we grow and develop, the sexual force finds corners into which it may settle.

In these corners we may identify ourselves as we enter the process of moving deeper into incarnation.

Through this process, the sexual energy becomes invested in particular corners and hemispheres.

Sometimes it can quite literally get walled in to a narrow structure.

The more narrow and constrained the structures that house the sexual energy become, the more restricted and less expansive is the cosmic child.

Oh but Ganesh is the massive and unconstrainable eternal child.

is a reminder
of the cosmic child.

The path of Ganesh is to un-invest our sexual energy from the structures that it is constrained within, and bring it back to its place of power at the base.

The Base-Chakra is the Earth centre from which the sexual energy is nourished, so as to expand unto infinity.

Ganesh’s base
is the platform from which
Kundalini Shakti expands.

It is said in Tantra, and also written in the scriptures, that the Kundalini has the force of an elephant.


Ganesh teaches us
that in order to give so generously,
we ourselves have to be nourished.

Ganesh is a generous being.

He can give so generously because he is so well nourished himself. His large belly represents plenty.

Sometimes we did not learn the art of self nourishment and self-magnetization, but old dogs can learn new tricks if they apply themselves to the way of Shakti.

When we don’t nourish ourselves, then the rivers of the generous heart are reduced to parched ditches where life grows not.

Tantra could be called
the path of nurturing
the garden of the soul.

When we lose touch with our garden, how will the fruit grow and who will water the roses. Sometimes we do everything but forget our own garden.

On this day
Ganesh is offered 21 sweets.

A way to step into the generosity of his ever giving trunk is to make an offering of 21 lamps, you may give 21 sweets to your loved ones, you may give 21 coins to charity.

Whatever the offering may be, it is a good day to give in honour of the Ganesh Moon of generosity.

The sacred heart is enriched by giving generously on this day.

If we feel our reservoirs have dried and we have little to give, then it’s a sign that we must dig deeper.

Gold is sometimes out of sight and takes digging to reach.

We have to dig for gold!


Chaturthi is the fourth lunar day.

Each monthly Chaturthi is sacred to Ganesh. Chuturthis are unstabalizing Moon days, and thus the work with Ganesh is undertaken so as to experience and investigate the law of opposites.

Ganesh is a deity
of extreme opposites.
The instability of an elephant
riding upon ratback is his contemplation

Consider his Vahaan of the rat. An elephant riding upon a rat is a symbol of extreme opposites at its very best.

Ganesh is a being of 2 aspects:

In his red aspect, Ganesh is Mars. His red brother Kartikeya is also the grand lord of Mars.

In his grey aspect, Ganesh is Ketu. Now Mars is a forward moving forceful energy, and Ketu is a retrograde introverting force – again extreme opposites are represented here.

When Ganesh is happy
he flaps the ears
and raises the trunk.

When Ganesh is happy he flaps the ears and raises the trunk, is a well known Tantric saying. This symbol of the rising trunk implies Kundalini Shakti.

The red Mars aspect is the potent force of Kundalini Shakti moving and expanding like a rising expansive trunk that penetrates the mysteries of creation and destruction.

A sexual connotation of this movement is also implied, Mars is the red planet that brings sexual vigor to the rising trunk and flapping ears.

Some forms of Tantric symbolism have been very explicit about the sexual connotations of the red hot Martian Ganesh aspect, as we see in the image below.

Such images as these reveal themselves when meditated and contemplated upon.

The Kundalini expansion requires a solid foundation and base to expand from, this is the grey aspect of Ketu.

The South lunar node of Ketu is the deep severe aspect of Saturnian law. Ketu is the austere solid place that gives root to all things.

Ganesh rules the base Chakra in the South and represents the root. Ketu is also the root in the South that is symbolised as a serpents tail.

When Ketu is at play,
the vigorous, rising
trunk of Ganesh
is introverted
and sexual energy
is internalised.

The play between red and grey Ganesh, between Mars and Ketu, is central in dealing with the sexual force.

The play and balance between Mars and Ketu symbolises the circuit of infinity, that when honoured and balanced, leads to perpetual youth.

Ganesh is eternally the 8 year old child of infinity. 8 is the number of a Saturn and depth. But 8 is also infinity and the ever spinning cycle of life.

Nature has its time of introversion, just as it has its time of blooming.

The rose
withdraws and bows
it’s head to the Moon.

If we are to know the secrets of nature, then we too must learn to bow. This is the esoteric significance of bowing to Ganesh.


Let’s get back to the rat and consider how two opposite paths of conduct meet.

There was once an Asura with a rats head. He was powerful beyond belief and wreaked rampaging havoc for Devas and humans alike, threatening the order of creation, Ganesh stepped in to address the ratty rampage of destruction.

This Rat headed Asura represents the destructive aspect of Ketu. The rat is Ketu. When we see a rat, it is a chance to acknowledge the insight and lesson of Ketu. Ganesh is the master of the destructive Ketu energy. A key to the insight of Ketu is given in the symbol of Ganesh riding upon rat back.

The weight of Ganesh is the way one gets to know Ketu. Ketu dwells deep down in the South and is reached by weight. Weight sinks down…

The heavier the deeper.
The heavier the deeper.
The heavier the deeper!

What is this weight that takes us to the depths?

And so, on with the tale… The destructive rampage of the rat-headed Asura incited the force of Ganesh, who snapped off his own tusk and threw it at the asura, choppng off its rat head.
Consider that Ketu is the headless body and consider that Ganesh was once beheaded too.

The dying beheaded rat had a few words left in him though! He told Ganesh that he had been so destructive because he wanted to know Ganesh, but didn’t know anything other than rampage and riot.
Ganesh was touched that all the effort of destruction had had a hidden desire behind it.

Ganesh said that they will always be together and so he resurrected him through his powerful Siddhi.

The devotion of the rat to Ganesh was so great that the rat started to carry Ganesh around. The rat had learned to handle the Ketu energy. The story of the rat and Ganesh tells of the conjunction of Ketu and Mars. When Ganesh threw his tusk – with brutal force- at the Rat-headed Asura, he was Mars.

Are we perhaps sometimes
like the Rat-headed Asura?
seeking Union & Love,
but following a destructive path
to get there.

This tells us that all paths lead to the the base at the foundation of all creation.

Ganesh, the eternal child, is that foundation.

To join the ritual,
Get heavy and deep.