Oh Bhumeshvari
Your body is the entire creation.
To know you is to melt into infinity.
One becomes a friend to all when you are close.
Without you one sees fiends and foes on all sides.
You reveal the secret of the shadow.
For shadows exist everywhere in creation.
Your body is the entire creation.
The folds of your femininity are hidden in shadows.
Those who would know you in depth,
must move into your shadows.
The physical world is your body.
The Moon and Sun your breasts.
To you we bow.

The Mahavidya Goddess Bhuvaneshvari is the guardian of the manifest universe.

Her name means Goddess of all worlds.

The spirit that pervades everything comes into physical manifestation and is reflected in the body of Bhuvaneshvari.

Many of Bhuvaneshvari’s hymns begin with describing her body as being the entire creation.

She be the ruling Queen of the 5 Panchabooht spirits. Pancha means 5, and Bhoot means spirit.

The Panchabooht are the 5 elements of the phenomenal world that are connected to the 5 forms of elemental spirits.

1) Bhumi (earth)
2) Jal (water)
3) vayu (air)
4) Agni (fire)
5) Space (vayu)

These five elements are connected to different elemental spirits.
The physical manifestation of the Panchabhoot spirits, occur by the subtle forces intersecting with the physical world.

Bhuvaneshvari is the one who stands at that intersection.

Bhuvaneshvari is the one who unfolds the spiritual energies into the manifest phenomenal sensual world.

The elemental spirits live as a collective in the particular element they are connected to and Bhuvaneshvari is the one who binds them together.

Her ritual is very much about working with the elements.

By focusing and working on a particular element, the spirits of that element are expanded or reduced depending upon the focus.

The right balance of elemental energies gives health and harmony in our lives.

Conversely, the imbalance of elemental spirits can manifest as all manner of disturbance in the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Tantra works on balancing the Panchabhoot, through specific Mantra and Mudra that affect the different Panchbhoot energies directly.

The evocation of a particular element is part of the subtle art and science of Tantra. Tantra offers us many tools and techniques for working with and balancing the elements.

Mantra and Mudra are employed to this effect, and are in turn enlivened by Bhaav.


Bhaav is the mood or attitude of aligning with a particular energy.

Bhaav is the inner quality that brings life to the structure.

In this ritual we will work with the Bhaav attitudes of the 5 elemental spirits.

By aligning to a particular Bhaav, and evoking that quality within oneself – through a mixture of inner focus and outer technique – we generate that quality and bring it into focus.

By evoking the Bhaav (quality) from within ourselves, we can quite literally move the spirits.

Through focus, the forces of the 5 spirits of Panchabhoot are brought to motion.

Static energies brought to movement can lead to opening knots and liberating Karma.

This could be one of many descriptions for describing Tantric ritual.

Work with Bhuvaneshvari is the work with the 5 elements.

She be the Shakti that generates and sustains the 5 elements… bringing brings them into harmonic relation with each other.

Physically, the ritual worship of Bhuvaneshvari is a grounding work.

She be eternal queen behind the manifestation of our spiritual forces into the garments of matter.


The panchabhoot (5 elements) correspond to the Indriyas.

The Indriyas are the (senses) that interact with the 5 elements.

The receptive senses interact with the material world from outward in.

The list below shows the relation to the Panchabhoot (element):

Ghraana (Smell) – Bhumi (Earth)
Rasana (Taste) – Jal (water)
Sparshana (Touch) – Vayu (Air)
Chakshu (Sight) – Tejas/Agni (Fire)
Shotra (Hearing) – Akash (Ether)

The Gyanindriyas are the five physical sense organs that receive information from the external world into the internal world.

They are nose, as in scent,

The mouth, as in taste,

The skin, as in touch,

The eyes, as in vision,

The ears, as in sound.

The word ‘Gyan, in Gyanendriya, means knowledge.

The five Gyanindriya’s literally receive knowledge from the external world.

The Karmnindriyas are the five expressions that arise within and are expressed outward. Karm in the word Karmnindriyas… means action.

The Karm (action) are executed through Karmnindriyas of the mouth.

Vaak, as in sounding and speaking, the hands.

Pani, as in holding and touching.

Pada, through the legs and feet, as in walking,

Upashta, through the Yoni or Ling, as in sexuality.

Payu, through the rectum, as in excreting.

Bhuvaneshvari is the Goddess who rules the Indriyas (senses) in all their faculties of reception and expression, along with their intersection with the Panchbhoot elements.

Bhuvaneshvari is the guardian of the earth.

Working ritualistically with Bhuvaneshvari through the application of her corresponding Mantras and Mudras, is a work of establishing physical harmony.

Bhuvaneshvari reveals the place where there is disharmony in the translation that transpires between the subtle and the physical.

Hrim is her sacred syllable, Ha Ra I M is the Mantra that brings matter and spirit together


In Bhuvaneshvari are inherent the three states that govern and imbue the physical world.

Known collectively as the 3 Gunas.

Rajas is action and tension,
Satva is rest and suspension and
Tamas is Death.

Bhuvaneshvari has 3 folds on her soft sensually curved waist that represent the 3 Gunas. The balance of these 3 qualities holds existence together.

The first fold of sensuous flesh emits a red glow (Rajas)

The second fold emits a golden hue (Satva)

The third fold of her feminine flesh emits a dark blue light (Tamas)

Her beauty bewitches the spirits to take physical birth.

It is even said that Shiva’s third eye came into being so that he could watch her beauty while meditating.

When approaching the Goddess Bhuvaneshvari, Tantrics work with the three Gunas and their colours

All three of these colours and qualities are needed in the right measure for there to be harmony. These 3 qualities and colours are balanced by Bhuvaneshvari.

An overemphasis of any one of these qualities disrupts the whole enterprise of physical and spiritual being.

Bhuvaneshvari rules the functions of creation, preservation and dissolution.

These three principles that are present in all things are known as the Tridevi.

Tridevi is the the feminine principle of Shakti that informs the Shakta principle of the Trimurti.

The Trimurti is expressed in the 3 deities of Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation) and Shiva (destruction).

Bhuvaneshvari rules these 3 principles and their intersection with the physical realm. She is the Mother of the 3 gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

She is the Mother who gives physically tangible birth, and manifests form to the 3 energies of creation, preservation and destruction.

Jaggadhattri is one of her names, it means: She who feeds the world from her breast.

Bhuvaneshvari nourishes the creation as if it were a baby.

When we connect to her, we call on the nourishing power of the nursing Mother.

She is the force that nourishes and ripens the stunted parts of our souls.

Bhuvaneshvari nourishes and raises the children that live inside us.

She nourishes with the triple Goddess power of the Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali.


Sarasvati is the lover of the creator Brahma.. the Shakti behind his Shakta.

She is the music, rhythm and wisdom hidden and revealed in the expressions of nature.

The Tantrics tune their inner ear to her Melodies.

She is the secret river of the invisible realm.

She is the wisdom of Kechari Mudra and keeper of the secrets of psychic sound.

Brahma is the seed, and Saraswati is magnetically linked to him as the creative egg.

Lakshmi is the lover of the preserver Vishnu… the Shakti behind his Shakta.

She is rich of beauty, luxury and the generous feminine. The abundant Pushya energy and the sweet nourishing Venus like elixir pours from her heart and hands.

She is the giver without end.

Radiant love is her infinite offering, the inexhaustible source rooted in infinity is her secret.

Vishnu is the seed, and Lakshmi is magnetically linked to him as the creative egg.

Kali is the lover of the destroyer Shiva… the ultimate feminine Shakti behind his Shakta.

She is the dark consuming force… Queen of the realm of mystery.

The wisdom of the womb… the hidden and unrevealed face of the feminine.

The Tantrics tune fearlessly to her frightening realm of mystery.

She is the secret in blood and seed, the consumer of both of these.

She is the wisdom of all Mudra and destroyer of the destroyer.

Shiva is the seed, and Kali is the enveloping dark womb.

Bhuvaneshvari is all three Goddesses forces rolled into one… the triple mother power of the Gunas.

The 3 Goddesses that she is, are the lovers of Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation) and Shiva (destruction) they are the Shakti behind the Shakta.

Bhuvaneshvari it be who materialises the subtle forces of the 5 elements into the tangible physical realm.

She is the grounding force… the mediator between the celestial and the physical manifest world.

The physical world her body.
The Moon and Sun her breasts.



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