Power & Love, Father & Child
May Full Moon & the Quest for Balance

Today is Narashima Jayanti, the day of the half man and half Lion God known as Narashima.

Other than an outer astrological significance it also has an inner astrological meaning, for the mythology of the story is a very detailed and profound allegory connected to the world of the Solar Plexus Chakra and one’s hunger for heartless power.

Since ancient times,
the mystics of India understand that
the celestial constellations & planetary energies
have a mirror-like connection
to the inner spiritual cosmos
of each individual human being.

The corresponding energies of this day are to do with the Solar Plexus Chakra, or Nagmanipur Chakra, as it’s known in Tantra.


The tale of Narashima is the story of an ongoing battle between father and child.
Both father and the child’s names in this story mean ‘Joy’, for they were both possessed by great inner joy.
However, whereas the father’s joy was fuelled by a Solar energy, the child’s was possessed by a Lunar quality.
The difference lead to the father displaying an ego that tended to dominate for the sake of self-aggrandisement, whereas the child nurtured a hidden devotional power that displayed an introverted quality that lead him to withdraw.

Father & child were in a celestial karmic battle
between power & surrender…
a pattern that can exist outwardly
between the father & child
as well as inwardly
between our father/child archetypes.


The Tantrics have codes for unravelling inner and outer conflicts, but the codes are not always obvious, nor are they meant to be.

Tantra is a process of decoding,
& concerns itself with the passing through many doors
& the opening of many coded locks
to liberate our inner power, Shakti.

Today the planetary constellations are in favour of resolving the Karmic obstructions that separate us from Shakti. It is a day for honouring our inner Fire!
In this story the lion god Narashima comes and tears out the intestines of the self-important father and frees the solar force (Shakti) which had become stuck there.
This slaughter symbolises the release of our ego from the illusion of self-importance.


When our focus becomes stuck in the Solar Plexus Chakra it then swallows up the finer currents of Prana that would otherwise carry Shakti to the Heart.
On tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio and with the Lion-God on our side we wish you all to find the inner balance between Power and Love, Father and Child.

With Gratitude,
– Boonath