Kulasundari is the Goddess of the Ninth lunar day, and she be the Goddess of family healing.

Kula in her name means family or lineage, and Sundari means the beautiful one.

And so Kulasundari is the shining beauty of her family. She holds in one of her hands a pot full of jewels that represents the most precious energies of the family.

Kulasundari is a form of the Goddess Sarasvati.

Sarasvati is she who plays the creative melodies of life and love upon the celestial instrument of the Veena that she musically wields.

Sarasvati is known as Vaak which means speech. She is the feminine creative principle who creates through sound and the sacred word.

We notice that the story of Sarasvati relates great – if not the greatest of – family contentions.

She was the daughter of her father Brahma, who created her and then fell in love with her. Brahma pursued her in his raging desire and ended up having one of his heads chopped off when Shiva stepped in to protect Sarasvati.

The story of Satasvati represents family conflicts and distortions, just as Devi Kulasundari, who is a form of her, is the healer of.

Sarasvati does not live at all with Brahma the creative active force, but she dwells in another portion of the cosmos and has a kind of agreement with him as his daughter/wife to manage creation together in their state of separation.

THE 9th

As we observe in the picture above, the Yantra of the Goddess Kulasundari is made up of 3 interlacing triangles. A triangle obviously has 3 points and 3 X 3 = 9, which is her sacred number.

The 9th Moon day follows the 8th… the 8th being the half Moon.

This ninth day is the the breaking of the balance and moving into and new phase.

We see that lord Raam is born on Navami Tithi. He is the solar lord, and we also find that Navami Tithi’s ruling planet is the sun.

Raam is a keeper of family heritage and tradition. The story of the Ramayan is an epic saga that recounts the battles involved in keeping and saving the family heritage and integrity.

Shukrcharia (Venus) is also born on Navami Tithi. Venus is the planetary force that brings the ancestors back to life through the process of incarnation that he initiates.

Shukra means sexual essence and Charia is the one who carries.

Venus has the magical power of Mritsanjivani Vidya which is the wisdom and magical power to bring the dead back to life. The dead ancestors are brought back to life through the sexual essence that Venus carries.

Durga is celebrated on the 9th Moon day. She be the planetary woman who rules the Navagrah (9 Planets).

9 is a number of completion. It is 3 X 3.

3 is the number of completion, having middle, beginning and end.

Durga heals the Rikkt (empty) quality that Moon day presents, by the fullness of her planetary force.

The 9th Bhavan (astrological house) is the house of family heritage and carrying lineage forward. It is the house of the teacher, Guru and lineage.

The 9th Bhavan is ruled by the planet Jupiter who is simply called Guru.

The word Guru translates the heavy one, it is the Guru quality that transports the weight of ancient wisdom into the metaphysical realms.

Jupiter is often thought of as the planet that expands towards the spiritual world in the force of discovery and new insight… this is a mistaken notion when we consider that Jupiter is called Guru. Jupiter the ruler of the 9th astrological house… be the one who actually takes the ancient weight forth unto infinity.

In point of fact, Pitri Bhavan is one of the names of the 9th house. Pitris are the ancient ancestors who carry the ancient wisdom on.

In Tantric cosmology, as was briefly mentioned above, the ninth lunar day is a Rikkt Tithi, which means it is a empty destabilizing Moon phase.

Tantric cosmology considers that on the 9th Moon day, deep family issues and ancestral Karmic irritations are presented to us to put under the telescope of healing.

The origin of familial conflicts that might sometimes seem far away and out of sight, are psychically brought closer to vision when we work in a focused ritualistic way under the auspices of Kulasundari the Goddess of the 9th Moon day.

Yogic Puja (Ritual) can simply be defined as focus of energetic force.

By insight and ritual focus, we can come closer to issues that are out of the scope of our vision. A telescope can become a microscope as we move closer and deeper into the sacred heart.

Love is the challenge to find the sacred heart.

To join the ritual,

touch the pearl of the sacred heart

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