Earth & Water – Base & Sex 

This practice is preferably done at midnight, when the Mon is in its strength, and the astrological realm of the home is most potent (Sun in the 4th house).

Start by meditating upon Your Base Chakra.

Sit in an Asan of your choice with closed eyes in the dark.

Feel deep into yourself and let intuition guide you into finding your base Chakra.

Find a place within your heart, mind, body and soul that feels stable.

Find the place of most stability. Feel a sense of earthiness.

Stability is relative, but dive into the best base that you possibly can.

Visualise a red square 🟥 in your Base Chakra.

Stay with the square.

After a time determined by you, start to move your focus from your base to your Sexual Chakra.

Visualise a black downward pointing triangle here.

Feel a watery quality at the Shakti Chakra.

The next step is to go back to move the black triangle down in awareness. Let it envelop the earth square and feel the mixing of water and earth.

There are many Tantric practices such as this, that work outwardly with tangible water and earth.

This is an Antar (inner) practice without the tangible elements being used.

 But just imagine what happens when water and earth mix together.

Yes structure can dissolve and what was solid can be made fluid.

What else happens when water and earth mix together?

Garadually seperate water from earth and bring the watery triangle back to the Sexual Chakra. 

Feel the earth drying and losing it’s moisture.

Feel the ‘right’ degree of moisture that is needed for the earth to be fertile.

Can the earthly base Chakra become to dry or overly moist?

What is the seed?

Now reverse the practice by starting to focus deeply upon the earth square.

Let it move up and start to envelop the sexual Shakti Chakra. 

Feel how the earth square can absorbs the fluidity of the watery triangle.

Can moisture and fluidity solidify and fix when it is enveloped by earth.

Can too much flow and rush of waters benefit from a certain measure of earth.

Keep repeating this meditation in sequence and mix up the elements of Bhumi & Jaal (earth & water).

This is one of the Sadhanas of Barahi.

It relates to her story which you may read here.

Her story is a narrative of this Tantric Antar Mudra (inner practice)

This Mudra has the potential to balance our Base and sexual Chakras. 

By working with the balance and healing of  the forces within us, things around us change. The inner is reflected in the outer mirror of reality.

Sometimes it seems not possible to change the outer circumstances and situations we find ourselves in upon this journey between life and death.

But remarkable healing and motions can occur when we apply our inner integrity of spirit and take responsibility for that which happens within us.

That is the Yog.

Yog Karoo 

This means:  Do  the Yog.