Fire & Water Serpents


Moons of Death & Rebirth

All dresses have

to have flowers on them

and be worn to the graveyard

C.M Burgess

Let us consider the pair of Bhadrapada Nakshatra’s.

These are lunar houses that transport the utmost extremity of energies.

These lunar stations bring about grand shifts of energy when they are focused upon and worked with. They transfer the energy of Kundalini Shakti.

The Bhadrapada Nakshatra’s connect the Kundalini serpents of fire and water, Moon and Sun.

Flying Dark

When Fire and water meet, we have steam. The steam is known as the Gandanta point to the Yogins. This is the place of extremity where karmic knots open.

Gandanta literally means the end of the knot.

The place of Meeting

The end of a life lesson and the end of an era of the heart is not always a pleasant stroll in the park. The opening of an ancient Karmic knot can be a painful bloody affair. We can feel at once the sensation of burning and drowning when we untie the familiar knots of the heart.

The untied heart is like an infant learning to walk for the first time. The potentials of movement are there and they care frighteningly beautiful. Stepping into the unknown takes courage, but the heart will not retreat,

The two Nakshatra’s (lunar houses) that we will be evoking and working with by way of Tantric ritual of the upcoming full Moon, are the Bhadrapadas, literally ‘the beautifully terrifying steps’.

These are a pair of lunar houses of destruction and extreme force. Destruction leads to creation.

The Bhadrapada Nakshatra’s

connect us to the Kundalini serpents

of fire and water, Moon and Sun.

Remember that Bhadrapada quite literally means ‘the beautifully terrifying steps’.

These pair of lunar houses of destruction and extreme force, transfer to us, the energy of creation

Ponder if you will, upon the words: Beautifully terrifying step.

How do beauty and fear relate to each other?

Therein lays the secret of the Bhadrapadas.


Fire Snake Ajaikapad

Let us firstly consider the lunar house, known as Purva Bhadrapada. This is the home of the fire Snake who goes by the name of Ajaikapad.

The fire snake Ajaikapad, translates as the one footed power beast of fire, this snake is a form of the Storm god Rudra, full of fiery rage and creative destruction.

When we attune to his lunar house of Purva Bhadrapada, we pass through the door of fire.

The word Aja in his name refers to that which is mystical and mysterious. Working with this star energy is really an investigation into the secrets of the heat of Kundalini Shakti.

One summons the fiery Kundalini Shakti of Ajaikapad by working with fire within and without. A candle flame upon the altar is a ritual gesture of summoning Ajaikapad.

Fire is the form that this serpentine energy of Ajaikapad takes. He is the fire behind the storm… just as lightning in a storm can result in fire.

A Flash in the Dark

Purva Bhadrapada translates as the origins of a beautifully terrifying step. The lesson of this lunar house is all about learning to see what the effects of our fiery emotions are, upon ourselves, upon others, and upon the whole spiritual energetic field of our existence.

What is fiery emotion?

It is emotion that either warms or burns. Fire can bring light and warmth, which can turn into clarity and nourishment. But on the other hand, Fire can consume, burn and destroy.

When we get an insight into the origin behind our fiery actions, we take a magical step into the uses of fire.

When we get an insight into the origins of our fire, the nature of our expression of fire is transformed to one of spiritual efficiency.

The Fire Door

To take a metaphor: we learn about the dial on the stove and the right amount of heat required for the cooking at hand.

Each act of cooking requires a specific use of flame.

Our handling of the inner flame can either nourish or burn, a chronically hot flame can consume everything including ourselves. But when we start to see the origins of our relationship to fiery force, then we start to take back our power over the dial on the stove of feeling.

This is the wisdom that this lunar house transports to us.

This nights ritual will be an investigation into the origins of the beautifully terrifying steps of our existence.

Taking Back Power

The fiery formulas of working with the lunar constellation of Purva Bhadrapada is a magical ritual work of inner and outer Mudra and Mantra in alignment with this constellation of the fire serpent.

One summons the fiery forces of emotion by accessing deeply underground volcanic latent energies. Things like, frustration, anger, tension are brought to the sacrificial altar of Yog for this ritual.

We will centralise fiery emotion with concentration and vision, and then feed the force into the Kundalini channel of the spinal serpent of fire.

When fire of emotion is expressed willy-nilly it disperses force, but when it is focussed and strategically applied to the centralised position of the fire serpent in the inner spinal channel, then it is nourished unto Kundalini Shakti Jagra.

This translates as the awakening of the primal psycho/physical serpent power of the human energy system. This the Tantrics refer to as Kundalini Shakti.


Water Snake Ahirbudhnya

The Water snake is known as Ahirbudhnya. His name can be broken in two Ahir means the upper celestial realm and Budhnya means the deep foundation.

The roots come from below but to rise they must have a foundation. The secret of polarities and exchange is implicit in his name.

The lunarly watery snake Ahirbudhnya relates to the downward circuitry and foundation of Kundakini Shakti.

This snake teaches us the way of sinking to the depths, going way down into the deep receptive waters of the soul.

The Moon serpent Ahirbudhnya is another form of the storm god Rudra, this time in his raining raging downpour.

This Moon serpent is full of the secrets of the ocean depths. To voyage with him is to go into places where one unknown, unseen and forgotten. The power is deep in the depths.

In this ritual of Uttara Bhadrapada we take a beautifully terrifying step into lunarly watery depth.

One attempts such a step by summoning the watery forces of emotion by accessing deeply underground currents of feeling.

To centralise the watery forces of emotion and feed them to the Kundalini Moon channel of the spinal serpent of water is the awakening g of the lunar channel.

The Water Door

When watery emotion and power is expressed haphazardly without foundation, then it floods and drowns out the potential that is inherent in the forces of feeling.

But when watery emotion is focussed and strategically applied to the centralised position of the Kundalini Moon serpent in the inner secret spinal channel, then it is nourished unto Kundalini Shakti Jagra. This translates as the awakening of the primal psycho/physical serpent power of the human energy system that the Tantrics refer to as Kundalini Shakti.

By working with the Moon serpent ritualistically, we awaken to the buried treasure of watery emotion.


What is watery emotion?

It is emotion that is moist, emotion with juice and tears, potentially nourishing if brought to vision, or potentially drowning and smothering if in slumber.

In the ritual work of Uttara Bhadrapada, one work with the Tantric invocation of the star forces of lunarly watery power.

Uttara Bhadrapada translates as the mature beautifully terrifying steps.

Each heartbeat is such a step.

The Yogins listen to the heart on each step of this journey between life and death. This journey between death and life.

The Bhadrapada Nakshatra’s are bridges between the steps that join life and death and death and life.

We will indeed attempt to take a mature beautifully terrifying step.

The heart will not retreat.

To Join the Ritual,

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Hara Ring